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DragonRising, a UK company that specialises in 21st century personal development, has launched a number of environmentally friendly initiatives since our inception to do our part for reducing our corporate impact on the environment. This is a report into the eco-ethos behind the company and gives a direct insight into their mission to share knowledge with the world whilst doing their bit for the environment.

Alex Kent, Managing Director of DragonRising writes: “We pride ourselves on keeping a green eye out for what we can do more to increase operational efficiency and in turn to reduce waste. We recognise that as this company continues to grow and expand, that in turn we need to ensure that our environmental impact does not grow alongside our success in delivering first class training and personal development solutions to our international audience.

Whilst having already implemented a number of eco-solutions that just make good sense, we want you to know we will never be complacent in the future. Our mission and success in bringing knowledge, understanding and happiness to countless thousands of people around the globe is completely undermined by not having a world to enjoy ourselves in.”

eOptions – Pure Data Downloads

DragonRising has always been at the forefront of electronic downloads via the Internet and this itself has a reduced our impact on the environment compared to traditional publishing houses. For customers that are willing to read their eBooks such as ‘Oceans of Energy’ on screen, PDAs, etc, or listen to their MP3 downloads such as the amazing HypnoDreams albums on their MP3 players, this offers the perfect solution for eco-conscious consumer wanting to learn more about themselves through DragonRising’s excellent set of training materials.

Of course, DragonRising passes on the production, replication and postage savings direct to the customer. In essence they will only be paying for the information and audio they receive and not for paper, CDs, DVDs, packaging, delivery costs or jet fuel.

Secure Recycling Facilities

Most internal and external communications at DragonRising are either electronic or by voice, reducing waste. DragonRising is committed to ensuring non-avoidable waste output produced is carefully sorted so that as higher percent of garbage can be recycled as is possible.

Bio-Diesel Vehicles

The advantage of being a publishing company in the information age is that the need for tradition book deliveries is decreased as customers can access the information online through the Internet. However, where large deliveries do need to be made to our retail customers, or equipment needs to be set up for conferences, trade shows and events, DragonRising ensures that they use an eco Bio-Diesel run van owned by colleague Simon Giddings. Bio-Diesel is grown from crops and is therefore a completely renewable energy source.

Simon Giddings writes: “The garage that services the van couldn’t believe it. They’ve never seen a vehicle with such clean emissions!”

DragonRising will be replacing their entire fleet with bio-diesel capable vehicles over the next three years.

Mini-Server Public Web Servers

The technology behind the main site http://www.DragonRising.com/ and our secondary download sites are being converted to run on a new energy-efficient technology called “Miniservers”. In essence these are one computer pretending to be multiple other computers to reduce energy waste. A typical miniserver only uses as little as 10 Watts of power compared with 120 Watts used by conventional web serving hardware.

Commitment to Home Working

In 2006, DragonRising has significantly cut the number of miles that staff must commute to work by offering flexible home working agreements. One of the advantages of being based on a high-technology efficient infrastructure is that workers no longer need to be in a central place to answer the phones or write emails.

CarbonNeutral® Accredited Web Host

DragonRising sites all run on hardware rented from MemSet, the UK’s first CarbonNeutral® accredited web host.

Kate Craig-Wood, managing director of Memset writes: "We pride ourselves on our corporate social responsibility and not harming the environment is particularly important to us. By tackling our climate change impacts and offsetting our unavoidable CO2 emissions with the regeneration of forestry in Uganda, we can ensure that we are minimising our contribution to global warming. Moreover, by being as 'green' as we possibly can, also has some significant commercial benefits to us and to our customers."

Location, Location, Location

The question often arises as to why DragonRising is centrally based in the relatively small coastal town of Eastbourne, United Kingdom, when other publishing houses pride themselves on their central London address. The answer is much more than just the cost savings that we can pass on to our customers; it is the fact that Eastbourne just happens to be one of, if not the centralised hub in the United Kingdom for book printing and distribution.

Gardners Books Ltd is the sole-distributor for DragonRising books for retail sales. If for example, you have purchased a copy of “Adventures in EFT” via Amazon then they would have most likely passed through them. Having such a giant of the book distribution world on our doorstep has many eco-friendly advantages with the main one being that the round-trip for delivering large quantities of books to them is only a couple of miles.

DragonRising is also located within two miles of Antony Rowe Ltd, who themselves have a highly active and responsible environmental policy and are one of the UK leaders in short print-run technology. This has the by-product of completely eliminating eco-unfriendly book storage facilities needed by conventional publishing houses.

DragonRising endeavours to put the choice between physical and electronic data only purchases into the hands of the consumer, and this of course includes best sellers such as:

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