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DragonRising Publishing was founded in 1996 by Silvia Hartmann as a modern publishing company, embracing the then emergent technology of ebooks from the start, to provide worldwide publication of information about modern energy work.

Publishing a variety of educational and training materials for individuals and organisations, DragonRising Publishing was acquired in 2014 by The Guild of Energists, as the exclusive publishing arm of this Learned Society.

DragonRising publishes books, special reports, textbooks, course materials, and The Guild of Energist's journal, The Energist.

DragonRising Publishing has always prided itself on providing only the most modern content, techniques and materials from the very cutting edge of research into human development. It is DragonRising's vision and mission to bring this invaluable knowledge to the world.


The DragonRising Fact Sheet

  • DragonRising Publishing was founded in 1996, Eastbourne, by Silvia Hartmann as an e-publisher of personal development, alternative therapies and intelligence enhancing e-books & mp3 downloads.
  • DragonRising's first publication in 1996 was "Project Sanctuary," one of the world's first ever ebooks.
  • DragonRising was the first publisher in the world on EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques, with Silvia Hartmann's "Adventures in EFT" (with Foreword by Gary Craig) in 1998.
  • DragonRising was also amongst the very first ever providers of e-published distance learning training courses and materials from 1999.
  • In 2004, Alex Kent took over as Managing Director and added traditional paperbacks in partnership with local companies Gardners Books & CPI Antony Rowe.
  • In 2006, DragonRising became the first publisher in the world to offer their users a personal online "in the cloud" download library of purchased products.
  • In 2008, DragonRising became the first publisher in the world to offer a graduated rewards program for loyal users.
  • In 2012, DragonRising published the first "novel written in the cloud" - DragonLords by Silvia Hartmann, The Naked Writer Project.
  • In 2014, DragonRising became the official publishing division of The Guild of Energists and publisher of "The Energist" journal.
  • DragonRising Best-Sellers include the foundational text books for modern energy work by Silvia Hartmann; Energy EFT, Positive EFT, EMO Energy in Motion and Infinite Creativity.

DragonRising Publishing continues to boldly go where "old publishing" fears to tread and push the boundaries of modern technology, bridging the divides between authors and their audiences and bringing information to the world that has been missing from the ancient scrolls of the ages.


The DragonRising Team

Managing Director

Alexander Kent, BSC (Hons)

Alex Kent, Managing Director of DragonRising Publishing Editor, The Energist

Stephen Kent

Managing Editor

Silvia Hartmann

Silvia Hartmann, Managing Editor, DragonRising Publishing

Global Member Support Manager

Customer Services

Zoe Hobden


The DragonRising Story

Dragon Rising by Silvia HartmannDragonRising takes its name from this painting by Silvia Hartmann in 1996. In a dream vision, she saw a golden dragon breaking through a frozen lake, shattering it and causing the walls to fall away, revealing a sunrise.

This was a new beginning, and Dragon Rising was the name Silvia chose for her new publishing company, founded to publish "Project Sanctuary," her breakthrough work on creativity, metaphor and genius.

"Project Sanctuary" was one of the very first "ebooks" ever sold in the world. Back in those days, there were no payment providers, so cash was sent in an envelope in the post, or perhaps a cheque or a money order, and then an email with a text attachment which contained the information would be sent to the lucky recipient.

Even so, it was obvious from the start that the ability to send information in electronic format was "the way of the future."

From 1998 onwards, ebooks and distance learning courses on modern energy work, including EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques, were published by DragonRising. The rapid spread of EFT was in no small way related to the availability of DragonRising's e-products.

In 1998, Silvia Hartmann's "Adventures In EFT" was e-published and became one of the world's first truly worldwide bestsellers. The revolutionary ability to update ebooks quickly and easily made Adventures in EFT the first "liquid book" in history and allowed the owner of the first edition to receive multiple new updated editions for free. The ability to therefore buy a book that would literally change with the times, always remaining up to date, convinced a generation to release their hold on hard books, and learn how to handle ebooks instead.

DragonRising was instrumental in helping the founders of the new techniques and patterns in EFT and wider Energy Psychology to disseminate their information to a world wide audience of professionals and lay people, and published the very first available ebooks on many of the techniques which have now become "classics in the field."

DragonRising continued to work with the often slow and painful delivery and payment processing options available in those days, until in 2004, Alexander Kent joined the company.

With a degree in computing and a vision of the potential of electronic information transmission, Alex Kent revolutionised the way DragonRising did business on the web. Creating bespoke systems across the board which included one of the world's first "cloud solutions" for storing individual user's libraries, membership based download systems and radical new web publishing software, DragonRising took a huge leap forward and stayed right on the cutting edge of modern communications.

At this time, traditional publishing companies were still denying the existence of ebooks, and it would be many more years before they even started on what DragonRising was gathering more and more experience in for a decade by now.

From 2002 onwards, DragonRising added traditional publishing to the program of services provided to the international psychologist's community and also began to expand to provide more titles for individuals and self help. 

The Energist Vol.1 No.1 Summer 2014In 2014, DragonRising became officially a part of The Guild of Energists - The AMT, and fully dedicated to publishing only information created by modern energists for modern energists, thus in fact returning to the original vision behind Dragon Rising.

DragonRising was tasked with the production of "The Energist," The AMT's official print and e-journal of the Learned Society. Stephen Kent joined the company as The Energist's first editor in June of 2014.

With the emergence of the Third Field, Modern Energism, DragonRising is now perfectly placed to remain the leading publisher, the first publisher "from the other side of the paradigm shift." DragonRising publishes information you cannot get anywhere else and is decades ahead of the publishing field worldwide, both in content as well as in structure.

With ever growing long term experience in web technology, programming, SEO, customer services in the WWW environment that is second to none, DragonRising Publishing remains at the cutting edge of not just the information we publish, but also in how this information is being distributed to the worldwide customer.

The History Of The Book in 100 BooksDragonRising is the proud publisher of Silvia Hartmann's "The DragonLords" - the first novel ever written "in the cloud" in 2012, and listed in The British Library's "The History of The Book In 100 Books," thus making history yet afresh.

Today, there isn't a country in the World where you won't find a DragonRising customer; and the feedback and exchange of information, the information flow between professionals, authors, publishers and the end users that is virtually non-existent in traditional publishing is what continues to drive DragonRising forward and make it unique as leader in innovation and the new media for the third millennium.


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