Could genius be as easy as child's play?

Could genius be as easy as child's play?

Those who believe that they will never be a visionary genius just need to relearn how to think, says author Silvia Hartmann.

The Genius Symbols fully revised 2nd edition is now available, read on for the press release...

Why do some people have the gift of being able to visualise solutions to problems, whilst most of us have to rely on flashes of inspiration? Is it possible for us all to improve our visionary genius?

The association between geniuses and their ability to see solutions has been known for a long time.

Scientist Albert Einstein is said to have discovered the laws of relativity by imagining ‘riding on a wave of light’ whilst fiction authors can often create worlds of such intricate detail that the story in their minds continues long after the manuscript is complete.

Another example is the scientist Nikola Tesla who was able to visualise complex machines from seeing the blueprint plan, run them for an unlimited period of time and in an instance see accurately where the machine was prone to fail.

Silvia Hartmann, author of “The Genius Symbols” believes that many of us have learned to repress our imaginations from a very early age. Whether it was by a practical minded parent or teacher saying to ‘stop daydreaming’ or to ‘get in the real world’, many children are encouraged to focus on their logical brain for solving problems.

This, Hartmann says, causes many people difficulties in later life as they attempt to work out complex problems logically rather than just visualising the solution.

In “The Genius Symbols” the author offers the reader a step-by-step process for asking their own unconscious mind logical questions and then interpretating the results to get logical answers back.

Hartmann said: “Many people are literally scared of their unconscious minds because of the long association with demons, dark-places and skeletons in the closet. This misconception of what the unconscious mind is, or is for, practically limits a persons own potential.

“The 23 symbols are training tools which allows us to ask any question we like. These could be big questions such as the meaning of the universe, or could be as simple as asking as what would uncle Bob like for a birthday present.”

Whilst written for an adult readership and containing adult themes, the newly released and fully revised second edition of the book includes a chapter for parents and teachers aimed at nurturing, enhancing and directing a child’s creativity for teaching visualisation as a life skill.

The second edition of “The Genius Symbols” by Silvia Hartmann is due to be released on the 1st February and will be available in paperback format from all good bookshops (ISBN: 978-1-873483-69-5) and in eBook format from the publishers website

Silvia Hartmann is available for interviews and to speak or write on subjects including genius, intelligence, creative writing, idea generation and the importance of encouraging creativity in children.

eBook/paperback review copies available on request.

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Short Reviews:

I was, and still am, extremely impressed how the Genius Symbols helped me to have a vision. On my own, no less - without being guided and hand-held along!   - Alex Kent, Business Owner, UK

It’s been promised before, in many books I bought and read: you can unlock the power within. And it always stayed superficial… until I found and start playing the game the Genius Symbols invites us to play. Here is an instrument to REALLY unlock the power   - Loretta van der Stam, Coach & Trainer, Netherlands

I fell in love with The Genius Symbols book when it was brand new, and I love it even more now - Carna Zacharias-Miller, Therapist, USA

Silvia Hartmann delivers a great many examples of what we can do with the system. Thus it doesn't take a genius to become a genius - Detlev Tesch International Speaker, Coach and Trainer, Germany

This is an absolutely brilliant book! The Genius Symbols help in so many ways on both a personal and a professional level - Sherry MacBeth, Spiritual Medium, UK

The Genius Symbols is not just a book, it is an extraordinary work of monumental proportions and importance - Nicola Quinn, Author of “Life Without Panic Attacks”, UK

From the first time I tried The Genius Symbols, I was completely astonished by the power and the clarity of the visions I am receiving. - Gerald Sundringham, Retired, Spain

I am really astonished that with the help of these symbols, and the simple (I mean REALLY SIMPLE like ABC) 'how to' included in the book, the flow of creative writing seems to be reliably reproducible at will - Dieter Maas, Germany

I am in awe of this Silvia Hartmann's ability to tap into the genius of our minds, and I hope I can reach to similar heights with my own ability, through Silvia's guidance, and the wonderful gift of this course - Mary Hirose, Therapist, UK

If you’re looking for a new tool to help you not only solve your own problems but to create the reality you’ve always felt was just a pipe dream, then get the Genius Symbols. You will be blown away by the power that you have always possessed - Alan Bridges, Internationally Renowned Psychic Medium, London UK

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