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Farewell To Three Colorful Friends - The Original EMO Books Are Going Out Of Print June 1st 11

Farewell To Three Colorful Friends - The Original EMO Books Are Going Out Of Print June 1st 11

The three original EMO books, Vol. 1: Oceans Of Energy, Vol: 2 Living Energy and Vol. 3: Energy Magic are going out of print from June 1st, 2011. The trilogy documents the development of EMO from its beginnings in 1993 to its first formulation as EMO in 2001 and the many different research directions of EMO until 2005. They represent a complete record of the journey of discovery at the time.

Silvia Hartmann, the designer behind the research of EMO but also of its practical formulation so that the theories could be used by real people in the real world, decided that the time has come to start again and take EMO to the next level.

This process has begun with the replacement of the much beloved Oceans of Energy with the new book, "EMO: Emotions, Energy, Information & Love" 2011, which lays out clearly the basic principles of EMO but also brings forward the major discoveries about the causes and effects of emotions and the energy body.

In the practice and research as outlined in the original EMO series, many discoveries were made which absolutely revolutionised not just the way EMO was being conducted, but has since become industry standard for all energy work under the new energy psychology paradigm.

Amongst the most surprising findings of EMO is the discovery of the Guiding Stars, positive highly charged emotional experiences and their long term effects on a person's life. This one discovery alone re-writes the books on human psychology and why people do the things they do.

This led directly to the understanding of events which in turn leads to the understanding of Healing Events; i.e. what has to happen in order to affect a change in the mind body system, and how to achieve this. The Energized End State, which is unique to energy work and entirely delineates energy work from non-energy based interventions, has shifted both the effectiveness as well as expectation of the results of energy healing to an entirely and hitherto unknown level.

Also during the research conducted through and with EMO, it finally became apparent what the previously entirely unknown and unconceptualised "subconscious mind" really is and how the structure of what we now call The Energy Mind functions in practice. This alone represents a breakthrough of incalculable proportions and it is impossible at this point to estimate the effects of this breakthrough insight, especially in the long run.

Working with EMO and the developing precepts of understanding the human energy body better in a practical sense then brought the next paradigm shifting breakthrough, namely that the modality EMO deals with is in fact the 6th Sense, the 6th representational system through which energy occurrences are read and their information content delivered via the energy mind to the conscious mind.

The fact that it took ten years, and a rigorously designed methodology that focuses exclusively and deliberately only on the felt sensations of energy movements in the body, to discover this and finally to be able to answer the question what the 6th sense is, what the energy mind is, and how a person draws information and energy through all their six senses to be able to construct a relevant world view in which they are in charge of their own events, the meta-comments, belief formation and behaviour that follows, is a testimony to how much was missing from existing "psychological research" on the one hand, and on the other, how logical and simple the human condition becomes when energy is factored into the equation.

EMO has come a long way from its origins and yet there is nothing in the three books that doesn't hold true today exactly as it always did.

However now, we are in a better position to bring all these many different pieces of evidence together and present a simple, logical, cohesive and practical way of working with the energy system, step by step, that beginners and novices will find much easier to follow and to understand.

We would expect that the three original EMO books will become collector's items in due course; in the meantime, for serious students of EMO and those who are fascinated by having a first hand account of the origins of the new energy paradigm as it was unfolded, a step a time, the three original EMO books are an information packed resource and a treasure trove of patterns and techniques as well as a direct connection to the original research.

Colorful Friends


The first volume of the new generation of EMO books is available now:

  • EMO: Emotions, Energy, Information & Love by Silvia Hartmann - Buy Now
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