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The New Book That Brings Magic Into The 21st Century!

The New Book That Brings Magic Into The 21st Century! UK researcher Silvia Hartmann has written a book called “Magic, Spells & Potions” which is due for publication on Monday, 3rd August 2009. This book takes the unconventional approach of looking at centuries old witchcraft through the eyes of modern science and discovers that most of us can actually improve our magical skills.

With Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince setting box-office records it seems that our willingness to believe in something other-worldly shows no signs of abating. Indeed, the Daily Mail reported last year that out of a survey of 3,000 people, 58% believe in the supernatural and 54% believe in God. A MORI survey conducted in 1998 discovered that 92% of people believe in the paranormal.

How can this be that in over 320 years since Sir Isaac Newton wrote his influential book on the physical universe that most people still believe in concepts that modern science struggles to explain?

The Harry Potter universe is not too unlike the modern concept of a witch or a wizard flying around on a broomstick, waving their wands and mixing potions in cauldrons. Much of what we believe or disbelieve is based on centuries old folklore where soured milk was more than enough evidence to earn some poor soul the death sentence.

Silvia Hartmann asked what would happen if we strip away centuries of old misinformation, metaphors, devils, ghosts and spirits and finally take an unbiased look using modern 21st century psychological principles at what is and what is not possible to achieve in the magical realm. The research has shown that almost everyone is capable of improving their inbuilt magical and psychic talents using Silvia Hartmann’s simple and safe exercises and techniques.

The applications of these improved abilities are vast and varied ranging from developing your ‘Gut Instincts’ and making better business decisions to other more supernatural and paranormal uses such as fortune telling, potion making and astral travel.

Silvia Hartmann’s comprehensive easy-to-read book is called “Magic, Spells & Potions” and does not require prior experience of psychology, magic, spell casting or potion making.

“Magic, Spells & Potions” will be published on the 3rd August and is available from all good book stores, Amazon.co.uk and also direct from the publisher DragonRising Publishing.


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ISBN: 1-873483-55-4

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