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The New Book that Helps Businesses Find the Perfect Candidate

The New Book that Helps Businesses Find the Perfect Candidate An essential new book has been written to help employers and candidates get the most out of the recruitment and selection process using the simple yet powerful Neuro Linguistic Programming.

The Perfect Fit” is written by certified NLP business trainer Ed Grimshaw, and is published by leading specialist publisher DragonRising (www.DragonRising.com/).

Finding the right candidate, in this Credit Crunch Climate, is more important than ever. Selecting the best person for a position is difficult, you only have a short space of time in an interview to decide if this is the person you want to be working with for what could be many years. This is why Neuro Linguistic Programming is so effective; in applying NLP to business we can gain a deeper insight into how people function, individually and as part of a team. We can also increase our understanding of the patterns of communication and the behaviours that can help us to differentiate between a good candidate and the perfect candidate.

After studying for his Masters Degree in Business Administration, Ed worked for 20 years as a manager, consultant and trainer. It was during this time that he discovered NLP and realised its incredible potential for business and, more importantly, recruitment. The wealth of experience he has gained over the years, both in the business sector and in alternative therapies truly shines through in this excellent and essential new book.

When writing The Perfect Fit, Ed Grimshaw realised that there were many problems that recruiters faced when looking for a new employee and he resolved to create simple, practical solutions for them. Some key areas that the book focuses on include:

  • Discover a balanced and thorough approach to recruitment without incurring high or excessive levels of cost

  • Learn how to gain deeper insights into how people function individually and in teams

  • Avoid the costly recruitment mistake of placing the wrong person in the wrong job

  • Learn how to improve the job satisfaction and the fulfilment people gain from roles for which they are best suited

  • How to test candidates without incurring expensive profiling and assessment costs

The Perfect Fit is a vital source of information for any business, no matter how large or small, looking to recruit a new employee in the current economic downturn. A bad decision at recruitment level can cause many more problems further down the line. Not only is the book vital for businesses, it is also very useful for candidates wanting to get into the mind of their future employers, as it shows you exactly what they will be looking for. The book will be of great assistance to anyone in business, from small, family run businesses to huge, multinational corporation, and from young candidates looking for their first role in business, to professionals with years of experience looking for a an executive position.

The Perfect Fit paperback is available from all good bookshops and online from Amazon.co.uk and direct from the publishers website for only £24.97 + postage. An ebook version is also available, in classic PDF format. Both paperback and ebook are due for release on May 11th 2009. For further information on this and hundreds of other publications visit the publisher’s website at www.dragonrising.com.

Ed Grimshaw is available for interviews and features such as “Recruiting In The Credit Crunch” or “The Perfect Interview Techniques For Candidates” as well as many other informative subjects.

The Perfect Fit is the definitive guide to recruitment in the business world and a must have for both candidates and employers.


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ISBN: 1-873483-55-4

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