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The New Book that uses Holistic Therapies to help us Survive Life's Challenges

The New Book that uses Holistic Therapies to help us Survive Life's Challenges

A new book by UK therapist Sally Topham has just been published. The book, Finding the River: The Energy Self-Help Guide for Surviving Life's Challenges, has been written to help us cope with the many obstacles that life throws at us using practical holistic therapy and meditation techniques.

Finding the River is published on 26th March 2010 by DragonRising Publishing, the personal development specialists, and is fast-becoming the “must have” personal development book of this year.

Based on the authors extensive research, Finding the River is a book of personal discovery, both for the author and the reader alike. Looking at different traditions, Finding the River clearly lays out each idea with intriguing and enlightening exercises (of which there are over 50) in a clear and concise manner, helping the reader get a rounded knowledge of each technique. The easy to read style, along with the authors expansive knowledge and passion for the subject, make Finding the River a joy to read.

Finding the River covers a number of therapeutic modalities such as Endorphin techniques and meditations, relaxation and pacing methods using Ultradian rhythms, Energy Medicine exercises, and EMO and Emotional Freedom techniques.

Finding The River explains and takes the reader through various meditation techniques sourced from Buddhist, Hindu, and Tibetan traditions; teaches ways to clear your clutter, Space Clear and create a sacred place in your home; provides exercises and techniques for dealing with stress, burnout, coping with change and coaxing oneself out of limiting comfort zones; explains the power of the mind and the value of developing awareness of oneself; the importance of connecting with Nature; as well as a whole host of other ways to help yourself through the challenges of life.

Finding The River also explains ways and rituals to use all these techniques throughout the changing energies of the seasons so that the reader may learn to be more in tune with the natural world and experience a greater balance and harmony within themselves.

Finding the River has already received great praise from many respected practitioners in the field of Energy Psychology, and features an insightful foreword by Dr Mark Atkinson, author of The Mind-Body Bible. Finding the River has been called “Valuable and encouraging for anyone on the path of healing and spiritual development” by teacher and author William Bloom, and respected Energy Medicine teacher Madison King believes “This uplifting book is an Aladdin's Cave of wisdom, practical information and techniques from myriad disciplines.”

Finding the River is invaluable for anyone who wishes to delve into the ocean of Holistic Therapies and personal development, and will guide them through the four seasons, connecting them to Nature and giving them simple ways of working with holistic energy, both within and on outer levels. Most importantly, Finding the River teaches the reader to weave the various techniques together, to help them promote peace and happiness in their lives.

Finding the River: The Energy Self-Help Guide for Surviving Life's Challenges is available in paperback from all good bookshops, Amazon and the publishers website (http://DragonRising.com/) where it is also available in electronic format.

Author Sally Topham is available for interviews and is highly knowledgeable on subjects that include: personal development, holistic therapies, self-help techniques and “Energy Therapies”.

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