Angel EFT: Tap into the Angelic Realms with Modern Energy EFT

Angel EFT

In the fascinating and inspirational Angel EFT, Susan Browne demonstrates the wonderful synergy of modern Energy EFT tapping and working with the Angelic realms.

Angel EFT will appeal to those who are familiar with EFT and energy work, and are interested in learning about assistance and support from the Angels, and also to those who know and love Angel work and would like to add Energy EFT tapping to enhance their practice.

Introducing Angel EFT

Susan Browne - Angel EFT Author"The two most effective healing influences on my life to date are working with the angelic realm and Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) tapping. It was a perfectly natural progression for me to combine these two approaches, which work effortlessly together. I discovered that when I tapped, the angel connection came easier. Intuition deepens - and when we raise our vibration, which is a natural result of EFT, we find it naturally simpler to sense and understand the angels. When I started doing tapping videos in 2012 I found that I intuitively incorporated some of the practices I had learned through my angel training.

"When I came across Silvia Hartmann’s Energy EFT I found it even more compatible for combining with angel work, as it is slower and more mindful, like the meditative way people tend to connect with angels. The heart healing position, and taking three deep breaths here at the start and end of each tapping round is one way I find this style of EFT perfect for angel work. The positive and empowering set-ups compliment the way I have learned to work with angels. The SUE Scale opens us up to miraculous possibilities and broadens the mind, from just removing a problem, to seeing its polar opposite (the positive) in a way that I feel the angels like to work with us. For this reason, when I say Angel EFT I really mean ‘Angel Energy EFT.’ More about what all of these things mean later, for those who are new to Modern Energy EFT.

"Just like all energy work and angel work, the techniques and examples I have set in this book continue to evolve. Those of you who are already familiar either with EFT or angel work may enjoy the flexibility and creative approach. Individuals may be guided to use their own versions, perfectly matched to their intuitive needs. Some people prefer the surety of following things word for word, such as tapping scripts, which I have included throughout this book. In the true spirit of Energy EFT, if using these techniques, it’s best bring in your own words." ~ Susan Browne, Author of Angel EFT

Angel EFT by Susan Browne

Foreword to Angel EFT

Diana Cooper"I love the angels and have communicated with them for many years. So when Susan Browne asked me to write a foreword for Angel EFT, I was intrigued by the concept. As soon as I started to read the book, I was fascinated by the beautiful way the angelic energies connect with EFT.

"I had never fully understood EFT, but with Susan’s simple, clear instructions it was soon obvious to me how it works, and that Angelic EFT is a very powerful technique. The way she puts a positive focus on everything really appealed to me and I soon found myself pausing to practise the various tapping scripts she provides. And I was really surprised at the way my energy quickly felt clearer. Yes, it really works.

"I thoroughly enjoyed and related to the case histories Susan shares from her extensive practice. She chooses a wide variety of examples and I shall be using some of them regularly and making up my own scripts. Because of my angel and ascension orientation I was very interested in how to tap in order to connect with the angels, and also to bring and anchor in the twelve ascension chakras. Many people are really helped by an active technique like tapping to link the physical and spiritual, and the angelic realms will use any opportunity to link with us.

"As I read Angel EFT it became very clear that tapping can be used to ameliorate any situation from personal problems to emotional and physical healing to spiritual advancement. I very much liked the way she uses it to help animals. I loved this inspirational book that blends two well-loved themes together, and I highly recommend Angel EFT to help people and animals in every way possible." ~ Diana Cooper, International Spiritual Author and Speaker

Angel EFT by Susan Browne

Angel EFT Review: "Fascinating and Inspirational!"

Angel EFT by Susan Browne"Susan’s book will appeal to those who are familiar with EFT and energy work and are interested in learning about assistance and support from the Angels, and also to those who know and love Angel work and would like to add Energy EFT to enhance their practice.

"Angel EFT is a comprehensive and easy to follow primer on both these fascinating topics, informed by Susan’s extensive experience as a Psychiatric Nurse, Counsellor and Energy EFT Master Practitioner, as well as Angel Healing Practitioner. Susan brings down to earth practicality to subjects which are often thought of as “airy fairy” or “woo woo”!

"Within these pages you will find clear explanations of the Angel EFT techniques, and understand why, when and how to call in the Angels and Archangels. Susan includes clear instructions and suggestions, practical exercises and example EFT scripts for each technique, as well as offering loving support and encouragement." ~ Helen Ryle, GoE Energist Trainer

Read Helen's full review of Angel EFT here!


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