GoE Community Energy Healer Course Manual: Learn how to become an Energy Healer in your community

Silvia Hartmann
GoE Community Energy Healer Course Manual

The GoE Community Energy Healer course manual was written by energy-expert Silvia Hartmann and is for students attending the GoE Community Energy Healer training course from the Guild of Energists.

Community Energy Healer: REAL Energy Healing For REAL Energy Bodies. Simple. Perfect. Powerful.

In this bright new course in 8 Units, created by Silvia Hartmann for the GoE in 2023, you will experience the JOY of Modern Energy Healing and gain the confidence and experience you need to start being a real Energy Healer in YOUR Community.

Based on EMO Energy In Motion, this lively, exciting and uplifting course will teach you the background knowledge, the delightful techniques and the know how in Modern Energy Healing to get you started on a lifetime's path of transformative experience as a Modern Energy Healer.

Building YOUR knowledge and experience, step by step!

Every one of the 8 Course Units includes:

  • Essential information, clear, short & simple
  • Essential energy healing techniques, step by step
  • Essential exercises for you to experience
  • Essential homework exercises for you to practise between the sessions

The GoE Certification Course as a Modern Community Energy Healer includes:

1 Start With The Heart!
  • Discover the real, living energy body!
  • The Heart of Energy and how to switch onthe healing hands of energy
  • How to power up the Heart of Energy
  • How to get into the high energy states where all energy work becomes so much easier
2. It's ONLY Energy!
  • Managing client expectations with the 0%-100% Rule
  • Understanding the FLOW principle
  • How to locate the problem in the energy body
  • How we get energy to start moving
  • Self healing with your own hands of energy
  • Unlocking the energy body sign language
3. Soften & Flow!
  • Discover the Master Metaphor of Modern Energy that gets energy blockages to soften & flow
  • Learn how to trace real energy channels in the real living energy body
  • How to improve energy flow and what happens when we dO
4. Energy LOVES To Flow!
  • Learning how to improve energy flow across blocks and barriers
  • Discovering the Beautiful Touch - energy healing with radiant love
  • Laying and floating energy hands
  • Pure energy healing for pets and children
5. The Couple Bubble
  • Learn and practice forming powerful couple bubbles with the client
  • Modern Energy Healing does not only evolve the client!
6. The Core Of The Problem
  • Learn & practice the Magic Hands exercise (and not just for healing!)
  • How to hone in on "the core of the problem" for optimal results
  • Discover how we empower the client through Modern Energy Healing
7. Modern Energy Healing Step By Step!
  • The step by step simple and straightforward Modern Energy Healing session explained in detail
  • How to prepare for your sessions
  • How to prepare your client for your session
  • What to do during the session
  • How to close the session perfectly before the client goes home
  • Homework prescriptions for the client to take back into their real life
  • Releasing reversals and blockages to "I am the healer!"
8. The Energy Party!
  • Learn the core difference between "old" energy healing and Modern Energy Healing
  • Discover the importance of love, light and laughter as a goal in healing
  • Learn and practice Modern Energy Dancing for self help
  • Understand the relationships between physical body movements and improved energy flow
IMPORTANT: Each course manual comes with three months free subscription to the Guild of Energists which includes support groups and the fabulous online course GoE Modern Energy Foundation! Please see the information in the course manual to request your free membership.

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