Creative Writing Course: Free Your Infinite Creativity

Creative Writing Course

The new energy paradigm creates opportunities and possibilities for the student of creative writing and creative communication which never existed before. From the clear understanding that creative writing is a translation of energy mind derived vision streams, to the ability of the student to overcome blockages and reversals to the free flow of writing and the true expression of their unique creativity, this Creative Writing course presents the opportunity to take creative writing to a whole new level.

If you have any love of writing at all, you're going to love this course. For we will be giving you – apart from ideas and instructions – permission to write.

To write freely.
To write honestly.
To write powerfully.

To write your thoughts, feelings, experiences and opinions quite literally into the fabric of time and space where they will endure and serve as nourishment for yourself as well as others in many different ways and on many different levels.

We love the topic of creative writing because it pre-supposes that this isn't normal writing, ordinary writing that groans and moans under the restraints and yokes of school taught grammar and dusty dictionaries.

A form of writing that can free itself of the chains of artificial forms of rhyme and chafing structure.

Writing that creates new styles of writing as it goes, leaving them behind like footprints in the sand on the shores of the universal ocean...

Love is at the heart of this course. Unconditional love above all, love that doesn't judge, doesn't criticise, just loves regardless is the greatest food for that creative flame, for they are made of the same substance. Above all else, it is the purpose and desire of this course to help your flame grow stronger, stand resonant and radiant, unassailable by all, including by yourself.

You’ll never have writers block again!

Your tutor will guide you through the material unit by unit. At the end of each of the 8 course units, you’ll submit your own creative writing exercises and will get feedback on how to improve your technique, so that your words flow effortlessly onto the page.

This course will allow you to gain practical certification and skills from the comfort of your home. As well as the substantial savings in flights, hotel and expenses, they also allow you to progress at your own pace and on your own schedule.

This course comes recommended as you’ll learn a life skill and qualification that you’ll be able to call upon anytime you write professionally, or just for the sheer fun of it.

The course enrolment price includes one-to-one tutoring with Ilka Wandel, certification upon completion and 1 years Standard Membership with The GoE.

  • Course Creator: Silvia Hartmann
  • Course Tutor: Ilka Wandel
  • Course Units: 8
  • Estimated Study Time: 3 months to 6 months (depending on your commitments)
  • Maximum Study Time: 12 months
  • Pre-Requisite: Modern Energy Foundation Course (included)

Purchase Options

Creative Writing Course (Distance Learning inc Tutor Support & Certification/English) £497.00
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