EmoTrance - Friday 27th April 2007: Self-Help & Practitioner EmoTrance

by Silvia Hartmann, Nicola Quinn, Sandra Hillawi & Susann Forsberg
EmoTrance - Friday 27th April 2007
Learn everything you need to know about EmoTrance to help yourself and to help others. 10am-5pm: Master Your Emotions with Silvia Hartmann & Nicola Quinn. Energy Nutrition For Optimal Health & Happiness with Sandra Hillawi. Healing The Energy Body with Susann Forsberg. EmoTrance Exorcisms with Silvia Hartmann. Evening Activity 8pm+: Energy Hypnosis with Silvia Hartmann

10am – 5pm: Self-Help & Practitioner EmoTrance

Learn everything you need to know about EmoTrance to help yourself and to help others.
  • Master Your Emotions
    Using energy to transform emotional experience with the core EmoTrance techniques for self help & practitioners.
    Presented by Silvia Hartmann & Nicola Quinn

  • Energy Nutrition For Optimal Health & Happiness
    Energy nutrition, shields and the energized end state where EmoTrance takes you beyond just being ‘OK’, energizes you and takes you into new realms of happiness.
    Presented by Sandra Hillawi

  • Healing The Energy Body
    Who heals what, and how in EmoTrance? The spirit specialists, the creative template, healing hands, gift of healing, innocent energy.
    Presented by Susann Forsberg

  • EmoTrance Exorcisms
    Using EmoTrance to heal the most severe disturbances and life long burdens. The deepest secret, the oldest burden, diamond transformation, guiding stars, cognitive changes.
    Presented by Silvia Hartmann

From 8pm: Energy Hypnosis with Silvia Hartmann

  • Powerful healing changes for mind, body and spirit.
Note: Trainers, Topics & Sylabi are subject to change. Please watch this space for up-to-date information.
Certification: Certification is optional. To become a certified 'EmoTrance Practitioner' inclusive of one years membership, then you need to successfully complete the "Self-Help & Practitioner EmoTrance" Training and pay the additional certification costs of £100.00 inc VAT. Membership renewals for subsequent years are currently £25.00 inc VAT per annum.

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