EmoTrance - Saturday 28th April 2007: Advanced EmoTrance

Silvia Hartmann, Nicola Quinn, Steven Collins & Susann Forsberg
EmoTrance - Saturday 28th April 2007
Take EmoTrance to the next level and optionally become certified 'Advanced Practitioners of EmoTrance'. 10am-5pm: From Fear to Fun with Susann Forsberg. Meet Your Super Heros with Silvia Hartmann & Steven Collins. Fields of Information with Nicola Quinn. Energy Magic with Steven Collins. Evening Activity 8pm+: Energy Dancing with Silvia Hartmann followed by Club Energy

10am – 5pm: Advanced EmoTrance

Take EmoTrance to the next level and optionally become certified 'Advanced Practitioners of EmoTrance'.
  • From Fear to Fun
    Using EmoTrance to transform stress responses into power for life. Healing the root causes of stress, fear and anxiety and transforming the powerful energy charges inherent in the fear states to energies that empower us instead.
    Presented by Susann Forsberg

  • Meet Your Super Heros!
    Using the higher energetic reality operation systems in accordance to the design of the Creative Order. The lionheart, the energy mind, the angel child in context of the human totality.
    Presented by Silvia Hartmann & Steven Collins

  • Fields of Information
    Learning, wisdom, mind healing and change with energy. Thoughtfields, Powerfields, Thought Flow and the energy of learning.
    Presented by Nicola Quinn

  • Energy Magic
    Consciously making changes in the energetic structures of reality. Energy magic evocations, rituals, energy clearing and choosing supportive energies.
    Presented by Steven Collins

From 8pm: Energy Dancing & Club Energy

  • Energy Dancing A short introduction to Energy Dancing with Silvia Hartmann followed by:
  • Club Energy All Welcome!
Note: Trainers, Topics & Sylabi are subject to change. Please watch this space for up-to-date information.
Certification: Certification is optional. To become a certified 'EmoTrance Advanced Practitioner' inclusive of one years membership, then you need to already be a certifed "Practitioner of EmoTrance" by the start of the "Advanced EmoTrance" Training, you need to successfully complete the "Advanced EmoTrance" Training and also pay the additional certification costs of Β£150.00 inc VAT. Membership renewals for subsequent years are currently Β£25.00 inc VAT per annum.

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