EmoTrance - Sunday 29th April 2007: The Best of EmoTrance

by Silvia Hartmann, Nicola Quinn, Steven Collins, Sandra Hillawi, Dr Reto Wyss & Susann Forsberg
EmoTrance - Sunday 29th April 2007
Learn practical and vocational applications of EmoTrance in the field. 10am-5pm: BeauTy T with Silvia Hartmann. The Love Clinic with Sandra Hillawi. Performanc Mastery with Reto Wysss. The Best of EmoTrance! with Silvia Hartmann, Nicola Quinn, Steven Collins, Sandra Hillawi, Susann Forsberg, Reto Wyss & Guests.

10am – 5pm: The Best of EmoTrance!

Learn practical and vocational applications of EmoTrance in the field. This is also your chance to optionally become a certified 'Trainer of EmoTrance' allowing you to certify future EmoTrance Practitioners & Advanced Practitioners!
  • BeauTy T
    True beauty shining from within. Giving and receiving the healing blessing of BeauTy T to transform the autogenic beast to pure, true natural beauty.
    Presented by Silvia Hartmann

  • The Love Clinic
    Super-charging love, intimate and romantic relationships with the power of EmoTrance. Healing old injuries, letting go of guiding stars, releasing shields to intimacy, retaining a strong and healthy sense of self in relationships.
    Presented by Sandra Hillawi

  • Performance Mastery
    Peak Performance and Performance Improvement Coaching. Using EmoTrance to improve performance across a wide range of human activities, and how to use EmoTrance in Peak Performance coaching.
    Presented by Reto Wyss

  • The Best Of EmoTrance!
    The EmoTrance Round Table. Advanced applications, demonstrations, additional exercises and materials, the latest research from around the world.
    Presented by Silvia Hartmann, Nicola Quinn, Steve Collins, Sandra Hillawi, Susann Forsberg, Reto Wyss and Guests.
Note: Trainers, Topics & Sylabi are subject to change. Please watch this space for up-to-date information.
Certification: Certification is optional. To become a certified 'EmoTrance Trainer' inclusive of one years membership and licensing, then you need to already be a certifed "Advanced Practitioner of EmoTrance" by the start of the "The Best of EmoTrance!" Training, you need to successfully complete the "The Best of EmoTrance!" Training and also pay the additional certification costs of £350.00 inc VAT. Trainer membership renewals for subsequent years are currently £100.00 inc VAT per annum.

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