EmoTrance 2009: EVERYTHING is ENERGY!

Note: This page refers to the 2009 EmoTrance Conference. Information and tickets are now available for the next EmoTrance Conference.

Now in it's seventh year, the EmoTrance conference returns bigger and better than ever! We had such a good time learning about and playing with energy at the last conference that we have decided to return to the Europa Gatwick London Hotel, which is convenient for both national and international travellers. Training Dates:

  • Pre-Conference Fast Track Practitioner: 24th April 2009
  • EmoTrance 2009 Conference: 25th/26th April 2009
  • Post-Conference Trainers Day: 27th April 2009

Retakes Offer: Existing licensed EmoTrance practitioners and trainers retaking the fast-track practitioner or trainers day will receive an 80% discount on the training price of that day. Phone the office on +44 (0)1323 700123 for more information and to book in!

EmoTrance 2009: It's ALL Energy. It's ONLY Energy...

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Welcome To EmoTrance 2009 - It's ALL Energy. It's ONLY Energy...

The EmoTrance Conference has, since its inception in 2002, been bringing the worlds most advanced trainers and practitioners together in one place to learn, discuss research, develop new skills and interact with others from all around the World.

Following the success of the 2008 Conference, attendance is only open to EmoTrance practitioners and above only, so that the participants may focus freely on NEW developments beyond their basic training, and come away with new technique as well as the latest methods, skills and ideas.

It is of course vitally important that practitioners of EmoTrance should stay informed and up-to-date with the latest developments in this brand new field.

  • To allow interested parties to participate in the conference, a pre-conference EmoTrance Practitioner Training is offered.

The Pre-Conference Fast Track Practitioner Training With Sandra Hillawi

Take this opportunity to become a certified EmoTrance Practitioner with International Master EmoTrance Trainer Sandra Hillawi. Sandra has taught many people from all walks of life and all around the world and you can be sure that you will come away thoroughly versed in the theory and practice of EmoTrance.

More than that, you will have plenty of opportunity to FEEL and see for yourself just how powerful a change technique EmoTrance really is - and how GOOD it can make you feel.

Attendance at this training will allow non-EmoTrance practitioners to take part in the main conference which begins on Saturday morning.

  • Existing EmoTrance Practitioner receive an 80% discount for retaking the Practitioner Day!

The Conference Program EmoTrance 2009:

Around the world, there are people who are taking EmoTrance to THEIR OWN personal fascinations, challenges and research projects - EmoTrance creates a paradigm shift of possibilities, potential and the ability to look at old challenges and events with brand new eyes, making progress across thresholds and barriers that were deemed to be insurmountable.
  • Each of the COMPLETE workshops contain NEW powerful, heart felt techniques that the participants at the conference can take home and use in self help, but also share with their clients.
  • You will receive all the information and step by step guides how to do these new techniques printed out for you in the conference manual. Available to DELEGATES ONLY.

Apply For YOUR EmoTrance 2009 Conference Tickets here.

Or call (0044)(0)1323 700 123 To Reserve Your Places.

Special Saturday Night Event: Buffet Dinner & EmoTrance Hootenanny

The price of your conference ticket also includes a buffet evening meal on the Saturday night, followed by the perfect oportunity to practice your EmoTrance Energy Dancing!

The NEW EmoTrance Trainer's Training Day with Master Trainer Sandra Hillawi

For new trainers of EmoTrance, Silvia Hartmann has created incredibly detailed and precise support materials to help with teaching every aspect of EmoTrance introduction trainings, short workshops, full practitioner trainings, and the amazing advanced practitioner trainings.

Trainers of EmoTrance receive a full set of training manuals that guide even a new trainer step by step through every part of the courses they will be teaching, including example wordings and full instructions how to conduct exercises, keep timings, and deal with questions from the participants. The trainer's pack also includes instructional recordings and covers everything in detail a new trainer needs to start successful group trainings right away.

  • That being so, there is the space created to take advantage of a wonderful opportunity to work on the Trainer's Day with the new trainers directly to help them gain access to all their inner resources, to wake up their true passions in life and help them get to a point where they will be able to come away from the training and start work IMMEDIATELY to take the practical steps that will make THEIR dreams come true.

The trainer's day is designed to allow participants to focus on THEIR own most heartfelt, passionate goals in life, whatever they may be, and to tap into THAT energy to help power all the necessary forward movement from where they are at, to take the next step on from there.

Amazingly, this does not even need to involve the teaching of EmoTrance, even though many participants are inspired to share this unique form of energy work with others; it is a personal gift for members of the EmoTrance family to support their highest purpose and vision, whatever it may be.

  • EmoTrance is truly exciting, and it gets more interesting, powerful and amazing, the more you understand about it, and the more you apply it to those areas of life that MATTER TO YOU THE MOST.

No previous qualifications are necessary to work with EmoTrance - just a desire to learn about energy, and to make your own world a much, much better place!

  • Existing EmoTrance Trainers receive an 80% discount for retaking the Trainer's Training Day!

Hotel & Venue Information

The full address of the hotel is: The Europa Gatwick, Balcombe Road, Maidenbower, Crawley, West Sussex, RH10 7ZR United Kingdom

We have negotiated the fantastic room rate of:

  • Double: £45.00 per night (including breakfast)
  • Twin: £55.00 per night (including breakfast)

To get these prices you need to phone up the hotel direct and ask to speak to either the duty-manager or a member of the events team to book you in.

The hotel contact information is:

  • 01293 886 666 (within UK)
  • 0044 1293 886 666 (outside UK)

Do not book online or through central reservations as you will be charged between £89.00 and £129.00 per night.

EmoTrance 2009 - It's ALL Energy. It's ONLY Energy...

EmoTrance 2009: It's ALL Energy. It's ONLY Energy...

Apply For The EmoTrance 2009 Conference Tickets April, Gatwick UK, here

Or call (0044)(0)1323 700 123 To Reserve Your Places.

Welcome | Fast Track Practitioner Training | Main Conference Program | Saturday Night | Trainers Day | Venue & Travel | Book Now!

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