EmoTrance Practitioner Training Live Recordings 2006

by Silvia Hartmann & Sandra Hillawi
EmoTrance Practitioner Training Live Recordings 2006

On the 29th April 2006, EmoTrance primary developer Silvia Hartmann, presented the brand new EmoTrance Practitioner syllabus for the first time at the Europa Hotel, London Gatwick UK. This is your opportunity to purchase the complete edited audio recordings that where made that day as well as the comprehensive EmoTrance Practitioner workshop training manual. The first session after lunch was presented by master EmoTrance trainer Sandra Hillawi. Note: This product is available as a package which includes the live recordings from the EmoTrance Experience Self-Help Workshop.

Track Listing:

  1. EmoTrance Practitioner Introduction
  2. Creative Template Revisited
  3. Practitioner Exercise
  4. Review of Practitioner Exercise
  5. Telephone Consultation Exercise
  6. Shields Exercise
  7. Review of Shields Exercise
  8. EmoTrance Theory with Sandra Hillawi
  9. Soothe Down Exercise with Sandra Hillawi
  10. Review of Soothe Down Exercise with Sandra Hillawi
  11. The Even Flow
  12. The Earning of the Money...
  13. The EmoTrance Healing Circle
  14. Energy Evocation Exercise
  15. I Am The Healer!
  16. EmoTrance Practitioner Conclusion

Total Play Time: 2 Hours 57 Minutes

This product is available in two formats:

Instant Electronic Downloads

  • 16 x Training Sessions (MP3 format – Total Filesize: 203MB)
  • 1 x Self-Help Experience Day Workshop Manual (Adobe PDF format)

Physical CD Manual Set

  • 3 x Audio CD (Containing 16 session tracks)
  • 1 x Self-Help Experience Day Workshop Manual

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