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Events Psychology: The Ultimate Package

by Silvia Hartmann
Events Psychology

The Events Psychology Ultimate Package - Silvia Hartmann's breakthrough research into the nature of energy body events, and how the endless quest for trauma, and more trauma, has missed more than 80% of what makes people really tick.

Events Psychology explains the relationships between trauma events and all the many other events that make up a person's life, creates the Events Matrix, how to work with this and most of all, how to use this information to create a better future. Events Psychology is only available from DragonRising, and forms the backbone of modern energist's work, including Energy EFT, EMO Energy in Motion. Highly recommended for all modern energists and required reading for the advanced energists training programs.


Event Psychology is being replaced in 2017 by Energy Events. In the meantime many similar works can found in The GoE Members Library. Please visit here for more details - MEMBERS LIBRARY
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End The Nightmare of Trauma ...

with Silvia Hartmann's Breakthrough

Events Psychology

Finally, you can understand yourself - and other people.


Here is the big news:

Freudian psychotherapy has been leading us to endlessly chase trauma and only trauma to explain why we do the things we do.

Sine the onset of modern energy psychology, people the world over have been tapping and tapping on trauma - yet their lives have changed very little.

Why is that ...?

The answer:

Trauma is less than 20% of the problem.

People who have been traumatized may suffer greatly, but they AVOID that which caused the traumatization.

For all the rest of what they do, the choices they make, the beliefs they hold, OTHER EVENTS are responsible.

There are many other types of formative events that change the energy system, and in doing so, change a person.

Often, even trauma makes no sense unless it is set in context with a person's OTHER life events.

Events Psychology ends the exclusive hunt for trauma, and instead presents an extraordinary, revolutionary model of the relationships between events that form a person's unique events matrix.

Events Psychology explains why people do the things they do and goes on to show us new pathways that can and will change lives. 

"People just don't know what they don't know ..."

Everybody thinks they know what events are and how they work - but the fact is that even trauma events cannot be understood if investigated in isolation. The underlying patterns of how events really work and how they affect belief formation and behaviour after the fact only becomes clear when we take the other types of events into consideration also - and this has never been done in the history of psychology..

Silvia Hartmann's breakthrough work with "Guiding Stars" (Hartmann, 2000) opened the door for the SUE scale which is now beginning to be widely adopted by therapists and psychologists worldwide. The discoveries from Events Psychology also form the basis of modern energy work and provide the theoretical and practical backbone for the next generation energist's trainings, including the Energy EFT Master Practitioner, EMO Master Practitioner and Master Energist certification.

Events Psychology is at the heart of this (r)evolution and the basis for a logical, comprehensive answer to the question of why people do the things they do.


Learn Silvia Hartmann's Breakthrough

"Events Psychology"

With this comprehensive, groundbreaking information set which includes:

Events Psychology THE BOOK Events Psychology Exercises Book Free Events Psychology Download EFT & Events Psychology Free Events Psychology Download - Case Stories
Events Psychology
The Original Manual

The "must have read" breakout manual on Silvia Hartmann's Events Psychology - finally, make sense of your life, the root causes of your strengths and weaknesses and find powerful leverage for change.

The Events Psychology
Book Of Exercises

The comprehensive Events Psychology workbook with many exercises that have the power to rock your world.

Events Psychology & EFT

A special report for EFT practitioners on how to use Events Psychology & EFT

Events Psychology Cases

The fascinating book of Events Psychology case studies and example cases to bring Events Psychology to life

  • The complete Events Psychology study course
  • Highly recommended for students of modern energism, EFT, EMO and PS.
  • Essential information for coaches, psychologists, therapists and self help.
  • The entire Events Psychology library is available now for instant access.
  • *Exclusive to DragonRising Publishing* - You cannot get this information anywhere else in the world.
  • Created by Silvia Hartmann for people who finally want to understand what makes people tick.
  • Buy now and learn to understand your world - then change it through the power of Events Psychology.


The concepts outlined in Events Psychology form the backbone of the acclaimed GoE EFT Master Practitioner certification course.

Events Psychology is required reading for the following GoE certification courses:

Project Sanctuary Master

Energist Trainer

Master Energist


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EFT Self-Help Course
Sandra Hillawi, GoE Trainer & International EmoTrance Trainer - www.passionforhealth.com

  In Events Psychology, Silvia Hartmann provides us with a clear, simple and new framework for understanding people and their behaviours which is completely logical.  - Sandra Hillawi, GoE Trainer & International EmoTrance Trainer - www.passionforhealth.c om
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Written by Dr. Michael G Millett Elevated Therapy International ®

  Altogether, a very informative, creative and elegant explanation of ourselves and other people. An excellent book for everyone and a gift for therapists.  - Written by Dr. Michael G Millett Ele vated Therapy International ®
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Peer Review by Dr Terry Lynch, New York, USA

  This book stands on its own as a work to bring guidance to our evolution as human persons.  - Peer Review by Dr Terry Lynch, New York, USA
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Kjell Forsberg, M.Sc. Biologist, GoE & EmoTrance Trainer, Sweden, www.eftsweden.se

  Events Psychology is the starting point and foundation of a new era in working with personal development, health and evolution for years to come.  - Kjell Forsberg, M.Sc. Biologist, GoE & EmoTrance Trainer, Sweden, www.eftsweden.se
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  I was able to come to a much deeper understanding of who I am!  - Steve Wornoff
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  A wonderful new way of not only understanding why we are who we are, but also enables us to regain control of the process which shapes our personalities and use this to our advantage.  - William Taylor, England
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Nicola Quinn - Composer, Artist & Author

  Events Psychology unlocks the future for us all and that is its greatest gift  - Nicola Quinn - Composer, Artist & Author
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  Direct, clear cut and often astonishing!  - Anon.
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  Silvia Hartmann continues to shine a light along the path to a truly real humanity 
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  Prepare to be amazed by what you will discover about yourself, and how much of you there is to love, with Events Psychology.  - Mary Hirose
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  [Events Psychology] is like a full-blown healing that moves you into a new life if you are willing to really work with it. I love it!  - Susan Weaver, Amazon USA Customer
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  Events Psychology is a simple, person centred technique to uncover past trauma  - Wendy Stokes, Paradigm Shift Magazine
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  I think Events Psychology should be translated into German asap. Events Psychology is SO GREAT... everyone who works with people should know this concept!  - Michaela via Facebook
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  Events Psychology, in its initial stages, is easy to conduct and can be used by anyone to understand their own motivations and those of others.  - Wendy Stokes, MBS Circle Network
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  Blown away by the simplicity, logic and insightfulness of the paradigm Silvia proposes here for understanding the huge influence the 4 different kinds of events she describes can have on people, and how they shape our lives, our attitudes, beliefs and...  - Bruno Sade
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  I bought Events Psychology in 2009 and read it many times since. I worked 30 years as a psychologist and was always searching for simple, logic and helpful tools. Events Psychology is the thing.  - Gisèle Bourgoin Canada
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