For You, A Star: 64 POSITIVELY HEALING Energy Forms To Transform YOUR LIFE

Silvia Hartmann
For You, A Star

In order to have good things in our lives, we need to focus on good things, drawing powerful, POSITIVELY HEALING energy forms into our lives. This outstanding book by Silvia Hartmann contains 64 powerful energy evocations for mind, body and spirit - and For You A Star is as easy to use as 1, 2, 3.

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Open the book.

Read the poem.

Look at the symbol.

Let the energy magic do its work.

It is as simple as that.

And as you tune towards the positive energies, your resonance changes, and these things are drawn towards you, come to you, manifest in your life for real.

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For You, A Star (Demo) - Inspirational Poetry by Silvia Hartmann.pdf

For You, A Star is inspirational poetry that touches the energy system in a way that only Silvia Hartmann can. Download a demonstration of 'For You, A Star' by Silvia Hartmann

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