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In Serein 1: Sorcerer & Apprentice

In Serein 1: Sorcerer & Apprentice

Young commoner Isca is determined to become a Serein magician so that she may take charge of her destiny and no longer remain a victim to the circumstances of her birth and the oppressors of her world. She is apprenticed to the only master strong enough to control her, the immortal Lord Lucian Tremain, acting Lord of Darkness. In the conjunction between Lord Lucian's ancient powers and Isca's unprecedented talents, a force is born that can take the stars from the sky - but only if they can learn to survive one another. The In Serein trilogy was written between 2000 - 2001 and is Silvia Hartmann’s first published major fiction project.

Hypnotic Fantasy Fiction By StarFields ...

In Serein is a hypnotic and spellbinding adult novel which takes the reader deep into the heart of power, control, magic, love and logic.

At the centre of the story lies the dark romance between a 14 year old virgin, Isca, and the ancient immortal Lord of Darkness, Lucian Tremain. As each begins to discover their unique weapons of powerful magic which arises not from the use of artefacts, but from within the wellsprings of their own beings, their actions threaten the dominion of the ruling secret order of priest-magicians who set out to destroy them both.

Merged against their will to a single timeless fate, Isca and Lord Lucian have to fight the Serein, the demons of their own past and of each others for their lives, for their sanity, their soul and their redemption.

Victim and torturer, master and slave, saviour and destroyer, sourcerer and apprentice - each must become all or far more than just their own lives will be lost forever.

Trilogy Details:

  • Book 1: Of Sorcerers & Apprentices

  • Book 2: The Cage

  • Book 3: End of Dreams

In Serein 1: Sorcerer & Apprentice
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In Serein 2: The Cage
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In Serein 3: The End of Dreams
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  I enjoyed the different uses of magic and the detail and thought put in to it all.  - Sandy, Oklahoma, US
Read Review

  Thank you for this book, thank you for putting it into existence in this world where it can spread its deep magic, which revives the fantasy and heals the soul and spirit with it's touching words and enchanting idea that harmony, unity and compassion can  - Deeply Thankful, Estonia
Read Review

  Wow. What else can I say? I got hooked, partially neglected work until I could finish the 3 books. Thanks for the experience!  - Jody, California
Read Review

  I was so caught up that I would read for hours on end. 
Read Review

  I really enjoyed the books. i was really in search of such books.  - Afsar Khan, Pakistan
Read Review

  Very well written. It held my interest and attention very well. I recommend this series for any who like the fantasy genre of novels.  - Jason, Canada
Read Review

  Someone should make a movie.  - Terry, Canada
Read Review

  This is a great book. All kudos to the author. Kept me involved all the way. Keep writing!  - Marlin, Mexico
Read Review

  I dont think i can find words to comment on such a well written novel ....It was truely an amazing xperience....Isca & Lucian seemed to be a part of my life rite till the end....In short it was SPECTACULAR!!!!!  - Rashida, Pakistan
Read Review

  Your books are truly captivating! I have read only a few good fantasy novels, and I have to say that your books are the best.  - Mia, Philippines
Read Review

  This is the best book i've ever read!  - Shenaya, Austin Texas, US
Read Review

  This was a great book, emotions fly eveywhere when reading it. It inspired me to some paintings of the Serein world, and of Isca and Lucians.  - Philipe, Decatur Ga, USA
Read Review

Umar Abdullahi, Nigeria

  It took me awhile to read through all three books of 'In Serein'. It was a really magical experience for me. As a fellow writer, I can say it's the sort of book I wish I had written.  - Umar Abdullahi, Nigeria
Read Review

  I love the story!  - Ryan Breault, USA
Read Review

  I wanted to savour every word  - Krista Conaway, USA
Read Review

  Did I mention [In Serein] is my all time favourite fantasy trilogy?!  - Tess - Amazon UK Customer
Read Review

  [In Serein] was deep dark and amazing. A great insight into mental capacity and the struggle with love versus evil. Utterly well written.  - Aonbelay, from GoodReads
Read Review

  I would recommend it to anyone [other than young readers] who is interested in a good fantasy read with more than a bit of character insight and psychological exploration.  - Stephen Brooke on GoodReads.com
Read Review

  My favourite author at the moment is Silvia Hartmann, who also writes under the pen-name Nick Starfields. I have recently finished her In Serein series - sort of Harry Potter for adults, and am about to start on Dragon Lords.  - Sheena
Read Review

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