LightWorks Standard Edition

Silvia Hartmann
LightWorks Standard Edition

30 minutes of real Healing Music designed by StarFields for self-healing and meditation. Created using the Art Solutions process, this is pure energy magic music in sound and resonance.

30 Minutes Of Real Healing Music

For Self Healing & Meditation

Original score composed by StarFields for powerful energy work and light work

Created Using The Art Solutions Process - pure energy magic in sound & resonance.

LightWorks was composed to serve you as:

  • Healing Music: Put on LightWorks, turn up your stereo until you can feel the sound in your body, lay back and let the music do the work.
  • Reiki Music: Perform Reiki self healing and let LightWorks support you throughout.
  • EmoTrance Music: Let LightWorks help you to "soften and flow" with ease and delight.
  • Meditation Music: Use LightWorks to lift you, surround you and protect you for the best meditations.
  • Music For LightWorkers: Use LightWorks for distant healing, blessings, matrix balancing and grids.
  • Music For Psychics: Use LightWorks for symbol readings, tarot readings, rituals and divination.
  • Music For Art Solutions: Play LightWorks to help you let go and flow original works of writing and art.

One beautiful, moving composition from the Creator of EmoTrance.

30 Minutes of moving, living Energy Music that speaks to your energy system, touches the parts of us that resonate to sound and beyond.

Intelligent Energy

Music That Works For You:

LightWorks by StarFields

LightWorks by StarFields - Self Help Session - Single 30 minute MP3

Lightworks by Silvia Hartmann (5 Minute Demo)

Five minute excerpt from Lightworks by Silvia Hartmann

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