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Ananga Sivyer
Beautiful Calm

Welcome to the realm of Beautiful Calm - guided meditation for busy people. Imagine feeling calm anywhere and any time you choose with these unique guided relaxation and meditation experiences. Ayurvedic expert Ananga Sivyer (HypnoDreams, HypnoSolutions, Sonic Solutions) guides you through 8 unique journeys through a world of soundscapes and textures perfect to help you relax and meditate.

Invite Beautiful Calm into your life today...

Imagine feeling calm anywhere and any time you choose with these unique guided relaxation and meditation experiences...

Dear Guest,

How many times have you felt you should try to relax more, or perhaps learn meditation to beat your stress? And how many times did that feel like just another thing to have to do - something else to figure out, when your day was already too busy?

Problem solved. I made Moments of Tranquility just for you. Meditation is about feeling relaxed, peaceful and calm, not increasing your stress by having to learn something new before you can get started.

With these short and sweet guided meditations there’s no need to read books, or travel to classes to try and fit the benefits of meditation into your life. Simply sit back and listen on your PC, CD player, iPod, or any portable music device and let relaxation happen for you as I take you step-by-step into a state of pure peacefulness.

And since each carefully created relaxation session is just 5-10 minutes long, you can enjoy the benefits of meditation anywhere and anytime you choose - no matter how busy you are.

Start feeling peaceful and more relaxed today, take a deep breath, sit back and listen as stress and tension slides from your body, and your worries float far away...

Welcome to the realm of Beautiful Calm - guided meditation for busy people


Ananga Sivyer

Clock Lady

Words from some happy tranquil people:

"You have helped me get some quality me time. Thank you."

"I've been wanting to learn to meditate for years, but I just didn't know where to begin. Now I just put my headphones on and practice anytime I feel like it."

"I love the music, and I love escaping for a few minutes here and there. Thank you for these beautiful meditations."

β€œI started counselling about 3 months ago for depression & anxiety. My counsellor suggested your guided meditations for help.

I can't begin to thank you enough for the help you've provided me! I feel more in control of my life, after years of flying off the handle when things got a little bit stressed. My family has noticed a big change in me. I also have a terrible back problem, and your meditations have relaxed me to the point where my pain is much more manageable because my body is less stressed.”


Beautiful Calm - Moments of Tranquility Volume One

words & music for meditation and inner peace with Ananga Sivyer available as instant MP3 downloads or as a double CD set

PART 1: 8 step-by-step guided relaxation & meditation experiences.

Relax into meditation in minutes as Ananga gently guides you through each relaxation experience complete with backing music designed to enhance the feeling of well-being you will enjoy when you listen to each session...

8 relaxation experiences for you to enjoy anytime you want to escape from stress and feel genuine peace and calm

  • New Beginnings in Breathing - discover the anxiety beating powers of deep breathing
  • Beginners Buddhist Meditation - slide easily into the benefits of meditation
  • Five Finger Qigong Relaxation Exercise - a popular exercise for reducing anxiety - 5 minutes to total calm
  • Body Gratitude Meditation - a guided reflection on relaxing your body and letting tension fall away...
  • Counting Breaths - a breathing session for relaxation and restoration
  • Mindfulness Meditation - enjoy a break from it all with this gentle & simple mindfulness meditation session
  • The Relaxing Breath Meditation Session - breath, relax and feel good...
  • Healing Energy Meditation - a lovely qigong self-healing session

PART 2: 8 music for relaxation and meditation

Let tension drain away as the sounds of bamboo flutes, tibetan bowls, and other traditional meditative instruments transport you to a place of beautiful calm...

8 unique pieces of music composed for relaxation, meditation, and calm...

  • Shakuhachi Sunrise - let the healing sounds of the shakuhachi meditation flute blow your worries away
  • New Beginnings - the gentle music from the New Beginnings in Breathing session
  • Mountain Qi - birds, breeze and bamboo. Relax with traditional asian meditation instruments and bird song
  • Peaceful Breath - flutesong for calm and peaceful reflection
  • Music for Mindfulness - all things Zen! The evocative erhu, bamboo dizi flute, and tibetan peace bowls
  • Healing Energy Music - cloud chords, shakuhachi flute and gentle rhythms, for rest and relaxation
  • The Chariot - a reflection on the tides and rhythms of the human body, relax and drift a while
  • Morning Meditation - a gentle contemplation of the dawning of a new day with harp, piano and celtic strings

Get beautifully calm now...

Start feeling the benefits of meditation in your life today...

5 Finger Qigong Meditation.mp3

5 Finger Qigong Meditation.mp3 is one of the most popular tracks from the amazing Moments of Tranquillity, Vol 1: Beautiful Calm album by Ananga Sivyer. If you like this track then you are going to LOVE the album!

Beyond the Clouds by Ananga Sivyer from Moonlight Meditations Album

To celebrate Ananga Sivyer's birthday we are giving away track 3 from her album Moonlight Meditations

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Hosted by Alex Kent, the DragonRising Radio Show is your definitive guide to our magical Energy Meditation products.

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