Moonlight Meditations: Guided Meditations To Calm, De-Stress & Relax Powerfully

by Ananga Sivyer
Moonlight Meditations

Moonlight Meditations is the much anticipated sequel to Beautiful Calm by Ananga Sivyer. This incredible audio can help you relax and focus even after the most stressful of days.

Meditation is so much more than relaxation, it is an act of reconnection and self-discovery, an opportunity to unearth your own unique abilities and to enter a place of introspection that you simply cannot find while your senses are focused externally.

Moonlight Meditations are designed specifically to help you draw your attention inwards and enter that place of inner self-awareness from which real self-growth begins.

Moonlight Meditations Includes:

Yoga Meditation - Trataka

This relaxing guided yoga meditation introduces the ancient practice of trataka or concentrated gazing. The simplest introduction to tratak is gazing at the flame of a candle, and this meditation takes you step by step through a guided session that will help you relax and focus your gaze while enjoying the benefits of stilling and calming your mind.

Mindfulness Meditation - Restful Awareness

Meditation is a powerful natural antidote to stress and anxiety. From Oprah's Dr Oz to Time Magazine we are hearing again and again that meditation can dramatically:

- Reduce stress and anxiety
- Reconnect us with our creative intelligence
- Improve concentration
- Enhance our relationships
- Help us sleep soundly
- Protect our health

If you want to discover how to reduce your stress and anxiety and enjoy the life enhancing benefits of meditation there is no quicker and easier way to start than the Restful Awareness

Yoga Meditations - Beyond the Clouds

Beyond the Clouds is a guided yoga meditation which provides a true break from rushing around and is guaranteed to help you switch off and invoke your own healing relaxation response.

Accompanied by traditional meditative instruments: tamboura, sitar and santoor, ancient sounds to soothe modern day stress.

Natural Release - stress relief release

Muscle tension goes hand in hand with stress and anxiety. When tension goes unnoticed in your body it can bring on headaches, general muscle pain, and fatigue.

This simple stress relief meditation shows you how to quickly release tension and become relaxed and comfortable in minutes.

By listening and following along with the simple instructions in this recording you can learn to active your own relaxation response and turn off stress at will. The benefits of learning such a skill include:

- Turning of the "fight or flight" response in your body
- Improving oxygenation to your brain
- Relieving muscle tension
- Lowering blood pressure
- Improved concentration
- Protecting yourself from a variety of stress induced symptoms

About Ananga...

Ananga Sivyer

Ananga Sivyer is an author, personal development coach and Energy Healing researcher of 20 years experience, specialising in Meridian Energy Therapies, Energy Psych

psychology and Personal Development. She is a Licensed Trainer and Director of The Association for Meridian Energy Therapies, a first generation EmoTrance trainer and NLP

Practitioner and Hypnotist.

She is currently researching Ayurvedic Psychology and the ancient origins of energy healing with the aim of developing future literature and workshop material.

In additon to her research and writing, Ananga is well known for her revolutionary work on the HypnoDreams trilogy, and the discovery of HypnoSolutions and Sonic Solutions. An original composer and accomplished musician, Ananga Sivyer uses sound and energy to bring about true human healing.

Beyond the Clouds by Ananga Sivyer from Moonlight Meditations Album

To celebrate Ananga Sivyer's birthday we are giving away track 3 from her album Moonlight Meditations

Moments of Tranquility vol, 2: Moonlight Meditations Preview

Two previews taken from Ananga Sivyer's new meditation Moments of Tranquility vol, 2: Moonlight Meditations

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Moonlight Meditations
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