EmoTrance 1: Oceans of Energy: The Patterns & Techniques of EmoTrance, Vol 1

Silvia Hartmann
EmoTrance 1: Oceans of Energy

Oceans of Energy, was Silvia Hartmann's best-selling book on EmoTrance, which helped thousands of people across the world soften and flow their emotions. Her next title was EmoTrance 1: Oceans of Energy!

We are pleased to announce that this pivatal book is once again available as an instant download ebook!

EmoTrance is a new system for handling the human energy body. 'Oceans of Energy' gives a thorough grounding in the underlying principles of EmoTrance™ for self help and use with others and introduces the uses of the system, namely self healing, healing others, goal setting, and state management, especially of new and previously unexperienced enlightenment states. Includes discussion of the developmental history of the system, stories from practitioners and first person reports of EmoTrance™ in the field.

First presented to the International Meridian & Energy Therapies Community at the European Energy Psychology Conference, Oxford in August 2002, Silvia Hartmann's revolutionary system of working with the human energy body has attracted both controversy as well as rave reviews and high acclaim.

Working entirely through the experiences and feedback systems of the physical body, EmoTrance is not only a superb quantum healing modality and an outstanding self teaching system for all mind-body healers, but it is also a powerful tool for magic, for reality creation and to achieve new enlightenment states.

But best of all, EmoTrance is entirely natural, entirely holistic, entirely ecological and incredibly easy to learn - for it simply re-awakens our existing powers of moving energy by intention. No meditation is required, no study, and there are no rituals - entirely intuitive, EmoTrance is so simple, a child can do it.

Created and designed by one of the foremost innovators in Energy Applications today, EmoTrance represents your invitation and opportunity to dive right into the Oceans of Energy - for healing, for exploration, for magic and of course, SIMPLY TO PLAY!

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