Sacred Sound Magic, Vol 1

William Taylor
Sacred Sound Magic, Vol 1

Sacred sound magic: A collection of spirit streamed piano improvisations for enchantment, love and deepest beauty. 

William Taylor

William Taylor, musician and Emotional Transformation trainer, writes:

QuoteWelcome to my collection of piano improvisations beautifully crafted to reconnect you to the source of the sacred and the magic which lies deep inside you. Allow these pieces of music to reach into your inner depths and bring forth qualities of beauty, magic and creativity to bring a new spirit of wonder and freedom into your life. 

Listen to the enchanting stories which lie submerged in these tapestries of sound. They are streamed works of magic perfectly illustrating the journey of life. You can hear the moments of artistic confusion, moments where I am uncertain and unsure where the music is going to take me, only to be followed by moments of startling realisation, beauty and clarity. 

Please join me on my journey of sacred sound. Listen with the ears of your heart and purity of intent and I guarantee that you will be taken on a wonderful journey deep inside. 

My love and blessings. 

W. Taylor Quote

8th May 2012 

Track listing:

1. The Story - 4.06 
2. The Garden in the Rain - 3.58 
3. The Chase - 5.08 
4. Alien Spaces - 4.12 
5. Back to the Open Road Again - 4.10 
6. The Marriage of the Sacred Soul - 7.02 

File format:

6 x MP3 files (encoded at high quality 160kbps)

  • MP3 files are the most compatible audio file format on the planet, so work with mp3 players, iPhones, iPods, Androids, computers, etc. They are unencrypted so you can also burn them to Audio CD if your computer is capable.

Sacred Sound Magic, vol 1 Demo

"The Story" is a full-length free MP3 download from the Sacred Sound Magic, vol 1 album by William Taylor. See Sacred Sound Magic for more information on this beautiful album.

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