Sonic Solutions

One Album - Five Full Length Tracks - WORLDS UPON WORLDS of PERSONAL SENSATIONS! Created and produced using the Art Solutions processes, this album is HERE AND NOW to become your favourite personal tool for growth, for healing, for imagination, for rest, and EVOLUTION.

Here & Now: Fabulous Pure Instrumental Meditation Music

Here & Now

Absolutely unique, absolutely NEW, this superb album of Sonic Tapestries calls to the parts of us that have no voice, that have been long denied, that may have been asleep and never knew their name for they lie way beneath the surface of our worlds of words and thought.

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The Journey Home: Instrumental Meditation Music

The Journey Home

Ananga Sivyer's HoloDreamsβ„’ now available on high quality stereo audio CD. These original symphonic compositions from "Reise In Die Heimat", expanded and refined to bring you pure listening pleasure, any time, anywhere. This is an album of pure instrumental meditation music especially created to give you space into which your mind can flow and soar.

Titles similar to Journey Home have been moved to The GoE Members Library. Please visit here for more details - MEMBERS LIBRARY
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