Star Music: Constellation Compositions

Nicola Quinn
Star Music

Nine unique songs to inspire, challenge and uplift you. Composed and performed by Nicola Quinn. Perfect for Advanced EmoTrance practice, Energy Dancing and to exercise the Psychic Circuitry. Meditation Music to travel to the stars ...

Nicola Quinn's Star Music


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Star Music


Nicola Quinn


Star Music by Nicola Quinn

Welcome to my Star Music, a collection of songs written over two years.

The songs were not just inspired by the stars and constellations but are the sounds I heard as I tuned into and aligned with each of them. Multi-level messages with mystical information, beyond words or pictures, contained within the sound which can only be decoded by the energy system.

Star Music by Nicola Quinn

I believe these songs hold the answers to many ancient questions. Questions that are coded into our DNA that many spend a lifetime seeking the answers to.

We start with the powerful resonance of Sirius, always surprising, and move on through layers of subtle information, soothing and ethereal, often challenging, sometimes majestic but always with a lightness and sense of momentum, of evolution and change and finish back full circle with Sirius B, the twin star, to complete this epic journey.

I hope you will enjoy listening and working with these songs as much as I have done creating them.

My love is with you on your adventure to the stars.


Star Music is perfect for:

  • Exercising the Psychic Circuitry – improving sensitivity, awareness, intuition and clairvoyance as you receive, process and decode these high energies.

  • Advanced EmoTrance Practice – drop shields and ask what the messages are, what the stories reveal and notice how you feel and what you now understand.

  • Energy Dancing – dance all the songs and watch your states shift as you move to align with the mystical patterns of secret information.

  • A New Way of Meditating – by paying attention and not emptying the mind as you focus on how you are feeling and how the music affects you, and not on the music itself.

Star Music improves State Flexibility and Psychic Circuitry Health

When we reach out and stretch for the information, the knowledge, the sacred geometry hidden within the songs we not only exercise our psychic circuitry but open up channels of communication with ourselves and the Universe.

β€œAt the edge of human comprehension where the well of words has long run dry, when the pictures start to dissipate, there comes a time and space where we are left with sound.”

  1. Sirius
  2. Aldebaran
  3. Orion
  4. Andromeda
  5. Antares
  6. Arcturus
  7. Vega
  8. Pleiades
  9. Sirius B

  10. "Wonderfully stimulating. Immensely inspiring." StarFields


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Orion Music Track From Star Album by Nicola Quinn.mp3

Orion Music Track From Star Album by Nicola Quinn

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