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Vampire Solstice

Altar Ego: Magic Music For Deep Meditation

Altar Ego

Unique, powerfully resonant instrumental music album containing 13 beautifully deeply entrancing  original compositions by StarFields specially designed to make you tune out of every day mundane thoughts and enter into the deeper states of mind, emotion and magic.

Get into the mood for magic: Get into your Altar Ego!

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Altar Ego
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  The story is exciting throughout, you can't guess what will happen next, and it gathers pace towards the final showdown at the end - and a marvellous end it is, very satisfying.  - Stephan Paris (UK)
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  When a master story teller like our own StarFields takes on the vampire myth, you can be assured of something amazing happening in the fusion.  - D. McClaughlin
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  Vampire Solstice is far above the norm for its genre and it was a pleasure to read.  - Sage Sweetwater Firebrand lesbian novelist
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  The third time your read it, you'll be in awe. I still am. I consider Vampire Solstice to be nothing less than a magic mirror to the human soul.  - G. Hargraves Author
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  I soared with the story and hated putting it down!  - Mitzi Cline
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  The many vivid images painted by the prose will linger in my memory for a very long time.  - James P.
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  I LOVE this book! It is absolutely wonderful, enchanting, thought provoking and exciting!  - J. Blake
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  I have been a great fan of Silvia Hartmann's work for many years. I especially loved - love! - Project Sanctuary but I must confess I was a little daunted by the idea of reading a vampire novel.  - Kerin Delany
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  There is a rhythm like a wave beneath the story, reflected in some of the most poetic language I've seen, that is hypnotic and transported me into that alternate reality.  - D. Baker
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