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Dragon Energy Workshop Manual & Video by Silvia Hartmann

Start YOUR Year Of The Dragon by enrolling on this very special recorded workshop with Silvia Hartmann...

The Fairy Tale Formula Workshop Manual & Video: Unlock Your Creativity, Create Your Own Magical Solutions & Write Your Reality Into Being by Silvia Hartmann

Write Your Own Fairy Tales! Practice creating your own Magical Fairy Tale Solutions in this interactive video workshop and illustrated manual. Unlock your creativity, create your own magical solutions and write your reality into being. All with Silvia Hartmann's brilliant Fairy Tale Formula!

DragonGold & Other Fairy Tales: Timeless Stories For Your Soul by Silvia Hartmann

New, original Fairy Tales by Silvia Hartmann, written between 2007 and 2023: Pure DragonGold - Timeless stories for your soul.

The Golden Horse & Other Fairy Tales, NEW 2nd Edition: 16 Enchanting Tales of Mystery & Imagination For The Magical Child Within by Silvia Hartmann

Created by Master Story Teller Silvia Hartmann For Magical Children Aged 9 - 99, The Golden Horse is an anthology of absolutely original, highly creative stories told in traditional fairy tale format to enlighten, inspire and foster curiosity and delight in exploration. Modern yet ageless, hypnotic and enchanting, perfect for being read out and spoken aloud, these stories will speak to the magical child within us all.

Stories, Poems & Fairy Tales: An Original Collection Of Creative Writing By Alex Kent by Alex Kent

Step into a world of magic, awe and wonder, with this fabulous collection of original poems, stories and fairy tales by Alex Kent.

The Energy Symbols Course Manual & Video Course: The Secrets Of The Energy Symbols Revealed! by Silvia Hartmann

Discover the Secrets Of The Energy Symbols and unlock YOUR magic today! Gain creativity, raise your vibration, and connect with your higher self. Silvia Hartmannโ€™s The Energy Symbols are powerfully positive, uplifting, and inspiring. Order now to receive the complete Energy Symbols Collection, including the beautiful 180 page full-color manual and 16 comprehensive โ€˜how toโ€™ videos . Free your Energy Mind and activate your true magical abilities without fear, stress or anxiety!

GoE Community Energy Healer Course Manual: Learn how to become an Energy Healer in your community by Silvia Hartmann

The GoE Community Energy Healer course manual was written by energy-expert Silvia Hartmann and is for students attending the GoE Community Energy Healer training course from the Guild of Energists.

GoE Positive Energy Workshop Course Manual: Transform Your Life With Four Powerful Skills: EMO Energy in Motion, Positive Energy Tapping, SuperMind and Star Matrix by Silvia Hartmann

The GoE Positive Energy Course is a one-day training in four outstanding units that teaches you how to transform your life with four powerful skills: EMO Energy in Motion, Positive Energy Tapping, SuperMind and Star Matrix. You will learn how to release stress, heal emotional wounds, access your inner wisdom, and create positive experiences with yourself and others. This course is suitable for anyone who wants to improve their well-being, happiness, and success in all areas of life.

StarLine Therapy: From A New Past Arises A New Future by Silvia Hartmann

StarLine Therapy by Silvia Hartmann is a new form of energy therapy. Star therapists can assist their clients to change the story of their lives through Star Matrix, overcome trauma and find deep healing by connecting with their core self. This book explains StarLine Therapy with clients step by step. Please note that you need to read the original Star Matrix book first.

The Modern Energy rEvolution: Our Future Starts Now! by Silvia Hartmann

The Modern Energy rEvolution is a book by Silvia Hartmann that introduces the principles and practices of Modern Energy, a new paradigm that reveals the importance of the living energy body for our well-being, happiness and success. Based on 30 years of research and experience, this book explains how energy states affect our emotions, thoughts and actions, and how we can use our natural 6th sense to improve our energy flow and achieve higher levels of functioning in mind, body and spirit. The Modern Energy r[E]volution is a guide to understanding ourselves and others better, and to creating a brighter future for humanity. Order the paperback here or download the eBook for free

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  I am really enjoying learning about the Star Matrix and this new approach to healing. It is just what I have been looking for. Excited to learn more.   - Carolyn Michelman
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  By taking this course you will pick up on Silvia's energy and feel empowered to create you own book of stars!   - Moira Cormack
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  I took this course complimentary of becoming a Guild of Energist member and I absolutely loved it. Like reading a great page turner book.   - Carolyn Michelman
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  The Animal Energy Healing course with Zoe was absolutely fantastic. Zoe is a great teacher and provides so much helpful and thoughtful feedback.   - Jennifer Galatioto, EHA Graduate
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  Modern Energy is the Best!   - From Amazon.com
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