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DragonRising Publishing are happy to receive unsolicited manuscripts from authors who are looking to get their work published. Below is a guide to submitting a manuscript.

Note: DragonRising are the Personal Development Specialists and as such are only interested in this field and others related to it, as well as fiction. Please do not send in manuscripts that do not relate to our range.

Method 1- Email

  1. Use the DragonRising contact form to contact our head office. State your name, the name of your manuscript and a brief description of the book.

  2. A member of the DragonRising team will contact you, expressing if your manuscript is of interest.

  3. If the manuscript is of interest, reply to the email attaching the first 2 – 6 chapters in either PDF or .doc format, along with a longer overview including synopsis, word count, target audience, etc.

  4. If the manuscript is suitable for DragonRising Publshing you will be asked to send in the full manuscript. You can do this in the same manner as the shorter version.

Method 2 – Post

  1. Send in a package including a covering letter with contact details, the first 2 – 6 chapters, and an overview of the book with synopsis, word count, target audience, etc., to our head office:

DragonRising Publishing
Compass House
45 Gildredge Road
BN21 4RY
United Kingdom

  1. You will be contacted if your manuscript is suitable for DragonRising. Unfortunately we cannot return unwanted manuscripts.

  2. If suitable, you will be requested to send in the full manuscript.

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