The Top Ten Bestsellers of 2023

The Top Ten Bestsellers of 2023 We are delighted to announce our best selling books of 2023!

DragonRising's Best Sellers Of 2023: Star Matrix Is The Winner!

For the third year in a row, Silvia Hartmann's paradigm shifting β€œStar Matrix” is DragonRising's Best Seller Of The Year.

β€œTotally life changing, this really works incredibly well.” Paul Smith
β€œSo good; so very very good.” David Ingvoldstad
β€œI am incredibly excited.” Magdalena Marek

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Star Matrix is the way!

Here is our list of the Top Ten Bestsellers of 2023:

  1. Star Matrix

    Star Matrix by Silvia Hartmann

  2. StarLine Therapy

    StarLine Therapy by Silvia Hartmann

  3. The Power Of The Positives

    The Power of The Positives by Silvia Hartmann

  4. Modern Energy Tapping With The Power Of The Positives

    Modern Energy Tapping by Silvia Hartmann

  5. E.M.O. Energy In Motion

    EMO Energy In Motion by Silvia Hartmann

  6. Big Ted's Guide To Modern Energy Tapping With Children

    Big Ted Modern Energy Tapping For Kids by Alex Kent

  7. The Energy Symbols Workshop Manual & Video Course

    The Energy Symbols eCollection 2023

  8. The Energy Of Attraction

    The Energy Of Attraction by Alex Kent

  9. Infinite Creativity

    Infinite Creativity by Silvia Hartmann

  10. The Fairy Tale Formula Workshop Manual & Video

    The Fairy Tail Fairy Formula Workshop with Silvia Hartmann

We thank our wonderful customers and wish everyone the best blessings of the season.

We will continue to publish books and courses designed to bring more love, more light and more happiness into our lives in 2024.

The DragonRising Team
December 2023


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