Tap Away Your Child's Blues with Tapping for Kids

Tap Away Your Child's Blues with Tapping for Kids

Being a child has never been more stressful. With exams becoming more frequent, parental separation on the rise, and peer pressure ruling the playground, kids today have it harder than ever. UNICEF even go so far as to say that British children are the most miserable in Europe, whilst the Office of the Children's Commissioner published studies that suggested 50% of children aged 8 – 17 are worried and anxious about their academic performance.

Help may well be at hand in the form of a book. Tapping for Kids: A Children's Guide to EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques by author Angie Muccillo uses the gentle technique EFT to help children overcome all forms of stress, whether school or home related.

Tapping for Kids is now available in a brand new 2nd edition paperback, which comes with full colour illustrations for the first time, bringing the book to life and helping to absorb children in the magical Palace of Possibilities. The 2nd edition also comes with a Sing-A-Long CD full of the taps, raps and songs from the book, read by an enthusiastic child. These gems were previously only available with the eBook, but are now available to all.

All of the new features, coupled with Angie's perfect story-telling style, combine to make the ultimate book to help children beat the bullies, overcome anxiety, focus at school and enjoy the best years of their life.
EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques was pioneered in the 1990's by Gary Craig. It is a gentle technique based on acupuncture, but instead of using needles it simply requires tapping on the pressure points, helping the “Energy System” flow.

Over the last decade EFT has become more and more popular, with celebrities such as Lily Allen, Michael Ball and Alex Reid having used it in all areas of life, from loosing weight to curing before-show nerves. EFT has gained credibility thanks to endorsement from well-known therapists such as Deepak Chopra and Paul McKenna.

The book has received a wealth of praise since its original release. “A big Thank You to Angie for bringing EFT to life for children in this creative way and for sharing your enthusiasm.”, says Helena Fone, author of EFT for Dummies.

Author Angie Muccilo explains how she set about writing the book. “Along with my own personal experience in using EFT with children I also researched the many wonderful and informative articles on how practitioners have taught EFT to children. From learning to feel their own energy system, to making and using a personal feel-o-meter for measuring the intensity of their feelings, as well as the use of rhyme for remembering the tapping points, these approaches and many more are woven into a story which captures the children’s imagination and at the same time teaches them”.

Tapping for Kids offers a great introduction to EFT and an important tool for life making it a must have book for parents, teachers and carers.


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