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The New Book That Helps Children Deal With Their Problems Through EFT

The New Book That Helps Children Deal With Their Problems Through EFT An inspiring new book has been published by Melbourne based author Angie Muccillo. The book, Tapping For Kids, is aimed at 7-11 year olds and has been written to show children how they can positively deal with the many day to day problems they face us by using an new approach called Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT).

Tapping For Kids is published on 1st December 2008 by specialist publisher DragonRising (www.DragonRising.com) and the book is set to be one of the years most important and thoughtful stocking fillers!


Through a mix of story, activities and rhymes Tapping for Kids effectively enhances children’s learning and shows them how EFT can be used to help them overcome their fears, worries and everyday traumas, while at the same time building up their self-esteem. The story in the book is set within “The EFT Palace of Possibilities for Kids”, a multilevel healing high rise where its ‘Caretaker’, known as the TapMeister, runs play shops to help children ‘master the art of tapping’ – a popular new kids movement taking the world by storm!

Children who have been taught to tap on their own have the freedom to tap on whatever may be bothering them, whether it be an upset at home or at school, and without having to rely on an adult helping them sort the matter out. EFT allows children to overcome the daily upsets of life so that they don't become bigger and more complex problems.

Although EFT has proven to be a powerful tool for parents and teachers when used directly with children, there may be times in a child's life when teachers and parents are the actual source of stress for the child. It is therefore crucial that a child learns how to use EFT themselves and appreciate just how useful and effective it can be.

The book has already received much praise from early reviewers. “Tapping for Kids is great for children. The pictures are clear and really explain the procedures so well. I also like the explanations at the end and the list of reference points for adults to tune into for further information!" says parent Margaret Foley.

Author Angie Muccilo explains how she set about writing the book. “Along with my own personal experience in using EFT with children I also researched the many wonderful and informative articles on how practitioners have taught EFT to children. From learning to feel their own energy system, to making and using a personal feel-o-meter for measuring the intensity of their feelings, as well as the use of rhyme for remembering the tapping points, these approaches and many more are woven into a story which captures the children’s imagination and at the same time teaches them”.

Tapping for Kids is now available from DragonRising as an EBook in Classic PDF form at just £9.97 or in paperback for just £9.97 plus postage. For further information on this and hundreds of other publications visit the publisher’s website at www.DragonRising.com. The book is also available from www.Amazon.com.

Tapping for Kids offers an great introduction to EFT and an important tool for life making it a wonderfully thoughtful and useful Christmas present for any child.


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