The Advanced Patterns of EFT

Silvia Hartmann
The Advanced Patterns of EFT

The Advanced Patterns of EFT by Silvia Hartmann is a thorough and comprehensive work that should be required reading by anyone who considers themselves a serious practitioner of EFT. This book provides a wealth of practical tools for taking EFT beyond the relief of simple anxieties and phobias. Silvia Hartmann reveals her breadth and depth of knowledge in a completely accessible and useful style.

  • This book is no longer available as it has been replaced by Classic EFT

Primarily for professional therapists, psychologists, students and researchers in the field of Meridian & Energy Therapies, The Advanced Patterns of EFT, by Silvia Hartmann, re-writes the limits of what used to be.

The first part of this advanced manual concentrates on the EFT treatment flow and describes essential patterns, techniques and variations on the Classic EFT process which move an EFT treatment into the realms of true quantum healing.

The second part consists of the advanced patterns themselves - treatment guides, techniques and approaches for guilt, bereavement, high end addictions, parts healing, shamanic applications and the original Guiding Stars patterns, released for the first time.

'The Advanced Patterns Of EFT' is an outstanding, original contribution to the emergent field of Meridian & Energy Therapies and an invaluable resource to any serious student, practitioner and researcher in the field.

  • The Guild of Energists (GoE) has bundled together four seminal works on the field by Hartmann, including the best-selling Advanced Patterns of EFT, into one extensive volume,Β Classic EFT, which takes the reader right the way from beginner, to advanced practitioner levels.


Energised EFT with Hartmann & Hillawi.mp3

Silvia Hartmann, Author of The Advanced Patterns Of EFT and Sandra Hillawi, International EFT & MET Trainer, discuss a new concept and additional techniques - Energized EFT, a method to improve the success of EFT treatments beyond the "Zero Joy" point, to test EFT treatments, and to avoid problems such as the Apex effect. This is a 20 minute free audio MP3 download.

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