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"Confidence" by Silvia Hartmann is a beautifully crafted HypnoSpecial which works on many levels to increase your inner and outer confidence thus helping you get ready to take on any challenge or goal you set your mind to.

Both the instant MP3 download and audio CD come with two versions of the induction which works with very different parts of your energy mind. Each format also come with the full transcript as a PDF download which is included for all who are interested in hypnotic language.


by Silvia Hartmann

At the threshold

between past and future,

here where I always stand,

there is my power,

here is the nexus into which

both past and future stream

and empower me to create both

in my own image.”


Presenting a brand new, advanced Confidence Energy Hypnosis program, designed by Silvia Hartmann, to lay the practical, necessary groundwork from which TRUE self confidence may grow.

A powerful format that combines direct, active hypnotic speech and natural human communication, here you will find what you need to gain REAL CONFIDENCE.

Confidence Word

Past + Present + Future = YOU!

And all three have to work together, become a fully functional whole that creates total support across your timeline and transforms not just your experience in the now, but your past, and especially, your future.

In this exciting and groundbreaking Energy Hypnosis program, Silvia Hartmann helps you lay the groundwork for a reunification of your aspects so they come together and produce


A Reality based confidence that is ...

x not a delusion

x not being "big headed"

x not going to lead you to try things you shouldn't be doing - yet!

Instead, we are talking about a form of self confidence which ...

* comes from a strength at the very center of yourself

* is completely realistic, and so much more powerful because of that!

* grows and develops with you as you learn and your wisdom grows

A confidence that is in your control, and within YOUR power to achieve.

It isn't even difficult - if you know how!

From Silvia Hartmann:

Dear Friend,

I have a spent a lifetime, my lifetime to be precise, helping people find confidence in themselves and in the Universe at large.

It's true.

People are so beaten down, so unsure of themselves and this messes with everything they do, try to do, attempt to do. It matters not if this is learning a new physical skill, or learning a new idea, or getting on with another, talking to people, even going out and going through your day -

I never cease to be amazed just how much negative self talk and self belief there is, how low people's self esteem is, how little belief they really have in themselves when all is said and done.

And likewise, I am always deeply gratified when I had a hand in people finding out that they can do things, yes, it's possible, it's possible for you, just give it a go, stop being afraid, here, step by step, with lots of encouragement along the way, you will succeed!

There are so many things people are afraid of, when it comes to confidence.

  • What they're most afraid of I have found is that they're frightened they'll become over-confident too soon, and jump off a cliff before they've learned how to fly properly.

This basic fear - babies come into the world with only two fears they tell us, the fear of loud noises, and the fear of falling! - leads to perfectly good fully grown people sitting in their nests and not even trying to flap their wings any longer.

What a shame!

I've been teaching and training adults in all sorts of things all my life now, and I can tell you that EVERY SINGLE PERSON can do more - if only they find the confidence to try!

So I've taken literally everything I have ever learned about people and confidence, and put it together in this energy hypnosis program.

It is not your usual "lay back and trance out" type of affair; this confidence talk is more personal than that, the kind of thing I would say to you if we were in a quiet room together, and I would do my utmost to impart upon you what it is I know you need to know, and then do, to make confidence a reality in your life.

For you to have real confidence IN YOUR SELF.

For this reason I have included two versions of the same talk - one version in my voice, which is a woman's voice, and that is heard by certain aspects of your neurology; and the other in the Appollonius voice, which is interpreted as a man's voice, and that is heard by other aspects of your neurology.

It is hard-wired in us people that we listen to "mother" and "father" voices in different ways and have different responses to them; it's a fascinating aspect of this program that you get to experience both and feel the difference between them.

As in this particular instance, and perhaps the only time ever in all the history of humanity, "mum and dad" agree on what they're saying here, that makes for a very profound learning experience all around!

I have also included the full ten page transcript so that you can "analyse" the words I say to you as well; for many people, getting this third "intellectual" perspective will be helpful to really understand the principles I'm showing you, and to put them into action.

There are lots of very important messages here for all of us to hear, and really hear them, until we've understood them and enacted them.

I think you will find this unique confidence program very useful, and a real tool to help YOU build a better self concept, find more trust and love for yourself, because that is what will give you real, powerful, practical, workable CONFIDENCE.

Silvia Hartmann,

September 2010


Confidence hypnosis program CD cover designed by SFX


A NEW and Unique Energy Hypnosis Self Help Program

  • to increase your self confidence

  • to foster communication and understanding between your past, present and future aspects

  • to improve the levels of love and trust between you and yourself

  • to give you a reality based, workable method to improve your confidence

  • every day, step by step, easily, yet profoundly.

Includes 1 x 23 Min. Confidence program, female voice PLUS

1x 23 Min. Confidence program, male voice PLUS

10 page Confidence Energy Hypnosis full transcript in PDF Format



Confidence Word


Confidence is a word.

From the Latin contogether, with and fidereto have faith in, to trust,confidence means literally with faith and trust.

Confidence is a nominalisation.

You can't put "confidence" in a wheelbarrow, cut it into pieces, or buy it from a vendor.

Confidence is a state of being.

Confidence is not only in your head, it is in your body and your spirit too, all at the same time.

Confidence is acting without fear.

Self Confidence - when you trust yourself, you can act without fear.

You become congruent, the best you can be, powerful, aligned.

When you are confident, you have a chance to change reality.

When you are confident, you can create events for yourself, and for other people.

Confidence creates reality.

Whether it is a person who is confident in their beauty being perceived as being beautiful by all who see them, or a person who is confident in their success being perceived as successful by all who meet them, confidence creates reality.

Confidence is attractive.

Confidence attracts - people, synchronicity, luck, magic, opportunity, love.

Confidence is a magnet for good things.

Confidence starts with the self.

That's what gives us power and leverage over our confidence.

We might not be able to control our fate, or the world; but we can learn to be more confident.

With more confidence, we increase the chances of succeeding at anythingexponentially.

Confidence is a skill.

We can learn to step into confidence at will.

If you practice your confidence for as often and as long as you brush your teeth, you will become more confident.

It is that simple.

Confidence is an investment.

Investment in confidence is one of the most powerful and practically rewarding investments a person can make.

Invest not just money.

Invest time in developing and evolving your confidence.

Invest energy in developing your confidence.

Invest will in developing your confidence.

Invest your heart in developing more confidence - more faith and trust in yourself.

Be willing to change your mind about many things to gain the high rewards of confidence and self confidence.

It is worth it.

The world needs more confident people.

Be one of them.


Silvia Hartmann

July 2010


Confidence hypnosis program CD cover designed by SFX

Confidence by Silvia Hartmann - 60 Second Demo

A 1 minute sample of Confidence by Silvia Hartmann

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