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Sidereus Reiki Distance Learning Demo.pdf

Goto Sidereus Reiki Distance Learning Demo.pdf Download Page Demonstration first module of the Sidereus Reiki Distance Learning Course, researched, written & developed by Nicola Quinn

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EFT Self-Help Course

  When I was first attuned I experienced tingling palms continuously for three or four days. Now I only have to think or intend Reiki and I experience the same!  - Joanna Clarke, Australia
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  I have since been doing Reiki on a friend who has been helping me convert my barn into a cottage with very good results.  - Alan Bridges http://www.in tuitivebridges.com
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  I am amazed how well I feel, and how my interactions with people at work and all over seems to improve.  - Daniel Escamilla
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  The feeling of intense out-pouring energy continued for many hours, and through the following day.  - Jeremy Deane
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  I have been continuing to practise daily, and continuing to have remarkable experiences.  - Jeremy Deane, Hampshire
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