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Recommend our products and receive up to 30% commission. Whether you have your own website, customers, clients, give trainings or have your own mailing list then sign up today for our affiliate program here:

DragonRising Affiliate Program

Can I use my own affiliate links to save money?

Yes! The affiliate system does not behave differently if the affiliate & the customer of an order happens to be the same person.

Can I use my unpaid earnings to buy products in the store?

Yes! If you have any unpaid earnings from the affiliate program then you can use this as ‘DragonCredit’ in the store.

Do I need to have any computer knowledge to use the affiliate program?

If you understand how to copy & paste then after logging on you can use the examples given in the Affiliate Link Guide:

DragonRising Affiliate Link Guide

Technical guide to making links

We have produced a guide for making links to DragonRising.com from your website or newsletter. If you are already registered as an affiliate with us then this guide will update the examples with your own affiliate details so remember to logon:

DragonRising Affiliate Link Guide

What products are included in the affiliate program?

Most of the products on this site are included in the affiliate program. However there will always be a few items on which the margin is just way too small to offer a discount. For a complete listing of products included in the affiliate guide checkout:

Affiliate Inclusive Product Listing

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