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Finding the River - Guided Meditations & Healing Techniques

by Sally Topham

Finding the River - Guided Meditations & Healing Techniques

One of our books that consistently receives excellent reviews is Finding The River by author Sally Topham and today we’re pleased to announce an accompanying audio CD & MP3 download set designed to help you enjoy and get the most out of the material.

We are very pleased to introduce Finding the River - Guided Meditations & Healing Techniques...

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Purchase Finding The River Guided Meditations & Healing Techniques by Sally Topham

You do not need to own the book to thoroughly enjoy this purchase as this series of guided meditations and healing techniques has been lovingly crafted to ease the chatter of the mind and help us relax into a more tranquil space within ourselves.

Each of these tracks will help you learn different techniques that will help you to relax, feel calmer and take yourself to a place of healing.

Track 1: Following the Breath 24:03

Leads you through a complete meditation practice with the simple technique of breath awareness. Regular practice will help you to improve your ability to meditate, let go of mental chatter and find calm and peace within.

Track 2: The Connection 13:16

A wonderful way of feeling a sense of connection and belonging in the great scheme of things by focussing on the wonder and awe of Nature, helping to eliminate feelings of isolation and evoking a powerful feeling of alignment and oneness with the Universe. The directions in the first part of this track will help you ground your energy by extending strings of invisible energy down from the base of your torso into the Earth. You can also use the directions to imagine those strings of energy moving down your legs, into your feet and down into the Earth.

Track 3: The Flame 12:00

This meditation assists you in balancing each of your Chakras, bringing great healing to all levels of your being.

Track 4: The Blue Mist 17:44

This is a beautifully simple visualisation exercise to give yourself total relaxation and healing.

Available as either as an high-quality MP3 instant download set (for iPods & MP3 players) or as an Audio-CD & booklet, this is one product you’ll find useful to de-stress and stay attuned in the run up to the festive season.

And dare I say it, the book & Audio CD set make a fantastic present for someone who could do with taking a bit of time out for themselves.

Wishing you an Opulent October!


Alex Kent
DragonRising Publishing

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