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The New Book That Helps Us Truly Understand Ourselves & Other People

The New Book That Helps Us Truly Understand Ourselves & Other People Silvia Hartmann, already famed for her work on EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques, EMO, Project Sanctuary and The Genius Symbols has discovered core principles of human psychology, which finally answers long asked questions about who we are and who we can ultimately become, without our own personal limitations. This research has been turned into an excellent new book called “Events Psychology: How To Understand Yourself & Other People.”

“Events Psychology” is due to be released on the 23rd August and is published by DragonRising Publishing.

 The book is based on Dr Hartmann's belief that all of our decision making in life is based on key events in the past, which also help to determine our personality. Using brand new techniques and methods developed by Dr Hartmann, events psychology is used to pin-point these key events, whether good or bad, small or big and even events that have been previously forgotten, to finally release ourselves from the past so that we may create our own personal and brilliant future.

 “Events Psychology: How To Understand Yourself & Others” is a truly comprehensive work that will offer readers some extraordinary benefits, and show them how they can discover:

   * Who they really are today

   * How to pin-point all of the key events in your life accurately, easily, without trauma and without creating “false memories”
   * Why you like or dislike certain types of people, foods, colours, animals, insects, plants, etc.

   * Where your phobias come from, what they mean and how to get rid of them

   * How you can move on from mistakes of the past and how to avoid reoccurring patterns in behaviour
   * What we can all do to shape our own future using cutting-edge psychology principles

Although “Events Psychology” is a highly detailed work with some truly ground breaking information, it never falls into the trap of becoming a stream of technical terminology. Instead it remains easy to read, easy to understand and easy to use to transform your life. The book is perfect for everyone from Psychologists, Doctors and Therapists to care workers, parents and anyone looking to change their life and the lives of other around them for the better.

“Events Psychology” will be available from the 23rd August to coincide with Silvia Hartmann's 50th birthday celebrations and is available from Amazon, the publishers website and all good bookshops.

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Josh Alliston

Tel: 01323 700 123

Other details:

ISBN: 1-873483-65-1

The author is available for interviews

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